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7x16ta- Blackout Package. Includes trim and black mod wheels


ST 205 15″ Radial Tires
36″ RV Style Side Door w/ Flush Lock
LED Exterior Lighting
16″ On Center Cross Members
Aluminum Jeep Fenders
24″ On Center Roof Members Galvalume Roof
16″ On Center Side Wall Post
Non-Powered Roof Vent
Sand Foot on Jack
24″ ATP Stone Guard
2 5/16″ Coupler
(2) 3500lb. Drop Leaf Spring Axles w/ Electric Brakes on Both Axles
4″ Tubular Main Frame (6” Tubular Main Frame on 16ft and above)
7 Way Round Bargman Plug
.024 Exterior Metal E-Z Lube Hubs
Color-Coded Exterior Screws
Ramp Door w/ E-Z Spring Assist and 16″ Flap
Interior Height 75″ (6’3)
V-Nose w/ ATP Stone Guard
3/4″ Premium Grade Plywood Floors
Z-Tech Undercoating
3/8″ Premium Grade Plywood Walls
5 Year Factory Warranty
(1) 12v. Interior LED Dome Light
Thermacool Roof Liner
Silver Mod Wheels
  • LED Light Package

Upgrades include:

  • .024 Exterior Aluminum Metal
  • All Black Trim and Stone guard
  • Upgraded Black Aluminum Side Wall Vents
  • Spider Mag Wheels
  • Thermacool Roof Liner (Covers up the metal in the ceiling on the interior for a clean smooth look and keeps trailer cooler)
  • 4 flush-mounted D rings welded to frame recessed in the floor
  • 36” side door

Looking for additional sizes in the blackout special? Contact us today or visit our Blackout Special Cargo Trailers For Sale page

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Condition: new
Year: 2022
Model: 7×16 Black Out Special
Width: 7′ or 84.00″
Payload Capacity: 4740 lbs
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Customize Your Trailer Today!

Add Height

Standard interior height is 6 ft. 3″ with a ramp opening of 69″. Pro tip: Add a few extra inches for the ramp angle so your equipment will fit. Get a sleek look by adding .030 gauge

Color Choice

Type your color choice in the box. Colors marked premium require a metal upgrade.

Aluminum Sides

Standard aluminum thickness is .024 gauge. Looking for a new look? Upgrade to a thicker gauge. Shop our standard colors: Black, White, Silver, Red, Charcoal Gray, and Pewter or see the chart above for our new premium colors.

Semi Screw Less

Upgrade your trailer to our pro line series by adding semi screw less and thicker aluminum. Eliminating screws and adding a thicker gauge will set you apart from the competition!

Popular Options

Blackout Special

RCT Blackout Package

RCT's Blackout Package offers black trim and mod wheels. (This option does not include upgraded wheels or aluminum sidewalls). This is the perfect option if you are not quite ready to make the "Blackout Special" leap.

Black Diamond Plate (BDP)


Shop interior options. These options require additional build time but trust us when we say that they are worth the wait!

LED Rear Lights

Light up the darkness by adding dual LED tail lights. One of the best upgrades to help light up the rear when backing in or out of a tight spot at night.

12 Volt Lights

This upgrade runs on 12 volt power from the tow vehicle plug. Just enter the number needed, we’ve got the best price on the market for interior lighting. Pro tip* If you are brightening up your life on the inside make sure you think about exterior loading lights as well. What a difference these puppies make at the end of a long day!

($100.00/1 unit)
($125.00/1 unit)
($125.00/ea. unit)

Jacks & Stabilizers

What a difference support makes! Do not load items into a trailer that is not attached to a tow vehicle. Shop stabilizer jacks so that load time can start as soon as the job is done.


Secure your content with the versatile e track. E track is priced by the individual foot so enter the total number of feet needed and we’ll do the rest. Secure items to the wall or floor in one easy upgrade. (E-Track is not meant to be install on any doors or ramps).

($21.00/1 unit)
E-Track Wall
($21.00/1 unit)


Standard trailers include 4 floor D-rings to secure your load but sometimes more is needed. We install extra on the floor or wall. The price is for each so enter the number needed. 5k capacity bolted to one strong steel plate!

($26.00/1 unit)
D-Rings Wall
($26.00/1 unit)

Spare Tire

Spare tires are a must in the enclosed trailer world. A tire mount will keep your tire secure and store it so you can find it when you need it most. This is an upgrade you won’t want to pass up.

($75.00/1 unit)

Air Vents

Allow air flow and help keep the trailer cooler. This is a game changer in trailer upgrades world and a definite must.

($50.00/1 unit)
($100.00/1 unit)
Max Air Roof Vent Cover
($95.00/1 unit)
2- Plastic Side Vents
($35.00/1 unit)
2 – Aluminum Side Vents
($95.00/1 unit)

Ladder Racks

Are you in construction? This is one of the most popular and convenient upgrades in the contractor world. Price is per section and requires at least 3. Load rating is 200 lbs.

($135.00/1 unit)


Add or upgrade your side doors! This makes entering and exiting the trailer a breeze, especially if you have multiple workers on the site.

Doors & Windows

Enter number needed. Price is for each. These are the most popular door and window upgrades.

($95.00/1 unit)
($180.00/1 unit)
($210.00/1 unit)
($750.00/1 unit)
($835.00/1 unit)
($975.00/1 unit)
($280.00/1 unit)
($280.00/1 unit)
($315.00/1 unit)

Electrical Package

Powers the A/C and 110 outlets. Requires generator or electricity. Additional build time with option. Electric Package = 60 amp panel box, 2 receps, 1 switch, 2- 2 ft. Led lights, 25 ft. cord.

Air Conditioner

Cool your trailer in seconds. *Must have the electrical package. See the electric package below. Pro tip; add wall and ceiling insulation (see interior) to quickly cool your trailer.

110 Volt

The 110 volt upgrades need the electric package and electricity. Allow additional build time for this option.

($50.00/1 unit)
($65.00/1 unit)
($30.00/1 unit)
($95.00/1 unit)
($115.00/1 unit)

Race Package

The Race Package includes:
ATP/RTP Floor Cover with Ramp and Flap
White Metal Walls
White Metal Ceiling
Base Cabinets
Overhead Cabinets
(2) Recessed LED Lights
(2) Rear Exterior Loading Lights
Electrical Package (2 LED Lights, 2 Receptacles, 60 Amp Box w/ Lifeline, 1 Switch)


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