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Open trailers make unloading heavy cargo fast and easy. From utility trailers, to dump trailers, and car haulers, we’ve got you covered! Shop open trailers at Renown and get the best equipment trailers in the industry!


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6x12 utility trailer

6X12 Utility Trailer

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7x14 dump trailer

7×14 Dump Trailer

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7x14 utility trailer

7X14 Utility Trailer

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7x16 dump trailer

7×16 Dump Trailers

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7x16 utility trailer

7X16 Utility Trailer

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Open Trailer Resources & Helpful Information

The Ultimate Guide to Open & Enclosed Trailer Sizes

By renowncargotr | December 7, 2021

Whenever someone is in the market for a new cargo trailer, one of the first questions they usually ask is what size trailer they are going to need for their purposes. Our customers have come to know they can count on Renown for some of the toughest, longest-lasting, and most well-made trailers on the market …

Weight Distribution Hitch Guide | How Does it Work?

By renowncargotr | July 22, 2021

If you’ve been around enclosed cargo trailers enough, you will have experienced or seen that terrible moment when back and forth sway occurs on the roadway. A weight distribution hitch is an incredibly useful tool for trailer owners to employ to help combat the dreaded “trailer sway” that can occur at high speeds.  In this …

Where to Buy a Deck Over Trailer

By renowncargotr | June 14, 2021

When you start looking at your trailer options, a wide variety of factors affect the final purchase decision. What type of trailer do I need? Where do I intend to go with this trailer? What’s an enclosed trailer vs. open utility trailer vs deck over trailer? Whenever we start the process with a new customer, …

Open Trailers vs. Enclosed Trailers: Pros and Cons

By renowncargotr | March 31, 2021

Open utility trailers and enclosed cargo trailers are each incredibly useful tools in their own right. These trailers are relied on by everyone from construction crews to homeowners to get the desired cargo wherever it needs to be. So how do you decide which is right for you?  Today our trailer pros are breaking down …