About Renown Cargo Trailers

meet the renown cargo trailer team

Passionate About Our Customers

At Renown Cargo Trailers, we are passionate about our customers and their cargo trailers. Whether you are looking for a stock model or custom built enclosed cargo trailer, we are dedicated to giving you the best buying experience in the industry.

We have quite a few enclosed cargo trailers for sale. If you don't find one that suits you, we can have your new cargo trailer custom built straight from the manufacturer with the guaranteed best prices and the best production times available!

We Glorify God in Every Aspect of our Business

With passion, integrity and open communication, we hook up the cargo trailer that is right for you. We serve amazing people from all around the world and love building lasting relationships with our customers.

Lane Morgan

Although Lane Morgan earned a Bachelor Degree of Arts in Marketing, his early professional career was anchored in the Real Estate Market and Banking Industry. With a mind of a hustler and a heart of a king it's no wonder why he later returned to Education and earned a Masters of Arts Degree in Evangelism Ministry.

Today Lane leads his team at Renown Cargo with combined applications of his knowledge and experience with finance, marketing, and his Faith in Jesus Christ. He is committed to providing quality products with Excellent customer service during and after the sale. He not only wants to know the details of the trailer to fit your needs, but he also takes pride in getting to know you his customer.

Our team motto is you come as a customer and you leave as family.

Conrad Sayer

Conrad Sayer has over 11 years of experience in the cargo trailer industry. He graduated from JSMI Bible College with a degree in Ministry. He has experience in counseling, which taught him how to communicate with others no matter the situation.

He is dedicated to making your experience with us the absolute best it can be. He enjoys every aspect of this industry, from answering the phone to having a happy customer driving off with their dream trailer. When he isn’t with a customer, you can find him with his two dogs, Samson and Sadie. He has a passion for Christ that is apparent to every customer he is in communication with. He enjoys not only helping you with your trailer needs but also loves to help you in your spiritual walk as well. He loves the gym, especially cardio. When you call him, he is most likely walking one of his 4 miles
of the day! He has nothing but love for everyone, and can’t wait to help you with all of your trailer needs.

Tucker Ouzts

Tucker Ouzts (we call him Tuck) is very intentional about building relationships while building business at Renown Cargo Trailers. He is our Marketing Director. His job consists of branding, Facebook, troubleshooting and customer communication. A true problem solver and takes pride in being a team player. He is very quick, available and on task. The boss once said his name means “balance” and he does just that. He once was in the medical field of Nursing and EMT work and later decided to follow his Mother’s footsteps into the marketing world. He creates a peaceful and stable atmosphere at RCT and is a confident, loving leader of our team. He loves the Lord and has great Christian values that he uses in the workplace as well as his home.

He believes in his character, integrity and values Christ in all of life's decisions. He uses his loving values and communication to help build his career here at RCT. Outside of work he is a husband of newly wed wife Haley the love of his life, a father of a wonderful, fun-loving, “mini-me” little 3-year-old boy named LJ, a son of a marketing guru, Karen, and an absolute Big Green Egg fanatic. He’s very witty, comical and a joy to be around. He brings a smile that lights up the room. His hobbies include perfecting every piece of food he puts on the grill and presenting it to the table. His heart is to take you in as a customer and accept
you into his family. Before you leave with your new trailer, he may even grill a ribeye for you to perfection. You want to get in touch with him today!

Laurie Heath

Laurie is Renown Cargo Trailer’s Advertising Manager, she believes in truth in advertising. Before moving into her career in the enclosed cargo trailer industry, Laurie had a background in office management, construction, and RV warranties. Laurie made the move in 2000 to work in the trailer industry primarily so that she could take care of her ailing mother. This job allowed her the opportunity to work from home.

Laurie got out of the rat race and into a more settled environment which suits her laid back take care of everyone's lifestyle. She puts her talents to good use by taking care of her customer’s on a personal one on one basis. The old adage the customer is always right is her motto and one she lives by. Her friends and family call her Mama2 because she enjoys taking care of those around her and it shows in her life and in her work.



Laura Demmer

Laura Demmer is our Marketing Manager at Renown Cargo Trailers. She is a proud mother of
three, and although they are grown, they are still her pride and joy.

Laura is a newly-wed to the
love of her life, Tony. She is new to the Cargo Industry but is a pro marketing manager.
Anything you see on the internet involving Renown Cargo Trailers is produced and approved by
Laura. She can turn and idea into a plan quicker than anything we’ve ever seen. She is also in
charge of our Government Contracting Department and is a pro at anything IT.







Austin King

Austin is new to our team, but he is definitely no rookie. He built trailers from the ground up for 5 years starting with just an idea. Selling is his passion, which is why he fits right in with on our team at Renown Cargo Trailers. He can draw your dream trailer, communicate with the manufacturer, and have it built for you in an efficient timeframe all the while sticking to our high-quality standards. He is the husband of his beautiful wife, Allie, and father to 3 perfect children whom he loves dearly. Those 4 are his “why”. He values his relationships with the Lord, his family, and his coworkers. He is very thoughtful and helpful every time he is in the office. We love having him here and you will love working with him too! 








Ashley Spivey

Ashley Spivey is our sales and marketing representative. She has been with Renown Cargo since November of 2019. She may be new to our team but has been in the cargo Industry for three years. Before cargo sales, Ashley was a certified orthodontist assistant and found her happiness seeing her patients smile. She stepped out on faith to find a career that allowed her more time with her family and to fellowship of all walks of life. She strives to provide her customers with unbeatable customer service but delights in developing a friendship with all she encounters. She is here for the customer and to make sure they find the perfect trailer to fit all their needs.

Jeff Bramlett

Jeff is one of Renown Cargo's most experienced and trusted salesmen with over 14 years of experience in the cargo industry. Jeff looks forward to helping customers build the trailer of their dreams with his extensive knowledge and unmatched dedication to his clients. His first priority is to make his clients happy. He earns respect and builds relationships with his customers by working tirelessly on their behalf. Jeff believes that he is not just helping you find the best deal on the trailer of your dreams but he is also building a relationship based on trust, hard work, and follow through.