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Let’s face it, even with the best trailers on the market today, manufactured to the highest standards in the industry, sometimes parts simply go out prematurely. For around $2.00 per month, you can get complete peace of mind by purchasing our extended 10-year warranty. At just $249, this enclosed trailer warranty ensures that our customers get years of enjoyment and useful life out of their trailer, without the worry over potential issues down the road.  

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Trailer Industry News

The Ultimate Guide to Enclosed Cargo Trailer Tie Downs

By renowncargotr

When it comes to traveling with enclosed cargo, securing it correctly is an absolute necessity. As you travel, your motorcycles, equipment, and other cargo will shift and move about the trailer if you do not have it properly tied down. That is where some reliable tie-downs for trailers are a vital component for every enclosed …

What’s the Advantage of a V-Nose Enclosed Trailer?

By renowncargotr

V-nose enclosed trailers are known for their distinctive shape, which provides a range of benefits for the modern cargo hauler. Anyone who has hauled a v-nose over a flat trailer can attest to this design simply makes for a better towing experience. We’ll take a look at what makes V-nose trailers special, the advantages they …

Renown Appears on World’s Greatest Episode 315

By renowncargotr

Global transport and logistics is a big part of World’s Greatest episodes which is why we were ecstatic when the show’s producers reached out to have our team featured on the latest episode. As the largest trailer dealer in the nation and stocking trailers from five different manufacturers, our team was proud to get a …

The Ultimate Guide to Enclosed Trailers for Sale in Georgia

By renowncargotr

When it comes to quality enclosed trailers for sale, Georgia is ripe with options for today’s cargo haulers. But with so many options, how do you really choose which dealer will offer the best value for the investment you’re making?  Clicking back and forth between websites isn’t that much fun so here we’ll cover the …

What Is The Most Popular Utility Trailer Size?

By renowncargotr

In the ultimate trailer showdown, we’ll seek to answer the age-old question: what is the most popular size for utility trailers? There are many different factors involved and trailer aficionados everywhere each have their own preferences. We’ll break down the stats on our team’s top utility trailer picks to decide once and for all which …

A Complete Buyers Guide to Dump Trailers

By renowncargotr

Renown carries nothing but the best of the best in dump trailers today from brand names we know to make their trailers with quality and stand behind the product completely. After years as a leader in dump trailers in Georgia and beyond, our team can help get you the perfect trailer to meet your needs. …

The Ultimate Guide to Open & Enclosed Trailer Sizes

By renowncargotr

Whenever someone is in the market for a new cargo trailer, one of the first questions they usually ask is what size trailer they are going to need for their purposes. Our customers have come to know they can count on Renown for some of the toughest, longest-lasting, and most well-made trailers on the market …

Food Trucks vs Food Trailers: The Great Mobile Food Debate

By renowncargotr

In this corner we have food trucks, born as brick and mortar restaurants became more expensive to run and operate and entrepreneurial chefs took their creations wherever the hungry masses gathered. In the opposite corner, we have food trailers. By being towable, food trailers offer even greater customization in where, when, and how food operations …

All About 8.5 x16 Enclosed Trailer Weights

By renowncargotr

The 8.5×16 enclosed trailer may undoubtedly be one of best selling trailers of all time. At 8.5 feet wide, you’ve got maximum room around your equipment and the 16 foot length is extremely accommodating without being too big to handle. The 8.5×16 is loved by professional landscape companies, contractors, race day haulers, and really anyone …

What’s the Best Material for an Enclosed Cargo Trailer Interior?

By renowncargotr

At Renown, we sell trailers that are made to provide the perfect blend of form and function for our customers. We do this by including a lot more in our standard packages than the average trailer dealer and also by having a whole host of different options available for any enclosed trailer we sell. Like …

7×16 Enclosed Trailer Weight Towing Guide

By renowncargotr

Knowing everything there is to know about how towing cargo with a 7×16 trailer works starts with a seemingly pretty straightforward topic – trailer weight. There are a lot of different variables that go into safely hauling a fully-loaded 7×16 at highway speeds that are each affected by weight. This towing guide was designed to …

How Much Does a 7×16 Enclosed Cargo Trailer Cost?

By renowncargotr

Ah, the age old question, how much does a 7×16 enclosed cargo trailer cost. Experts have been arguing this question for ages but have yet to come up with a solid answer. Today, our trailer pros are digging deep to uncover all of the costs of a 7×16 enclosed trailer to discover the true value …

Enclosed Snowmobile Trailer: How to Get the Best Deal

By renowncargotr

There is nothing quite like hitting some fresh powder with the roar of a snowmobile under you as you zip through the winter wonderland. But getting to and from your winter zen spot is going to take a high quality enclosed snowmobile trailer.  Today, we’ll look at getting a great deal on top trailers outfitted …

Choosing The Best Enclosed Living Quarters Trailer

By renowncargotr

Having your cargo comfortably stowed beside you in your enclosed living quarters trailer is a great way to get the best of two worlds. These versatile trailers provide everything you need to take whatever toys or cargo you wish with you as you stay high, dry, and cozy throughout the journey in your attached abode-on-wheels.  …

Weight Distribution Hitch Guide | How Does it Work?

By renowncargotr

If you’ve been around enclosed cargo trailers enough, you will have experienced or seen that terrible moment when back and forth sway occurs on the roadway. A weight distribution hitch is an incredibly useful tool for trailer owners to employ to help combat the dreaded “trailer sway” that can occur at high speeds.  In this …

Do Enclosed Trailers Hold Their Value

By renowncargotr

In an economy where construction is booming, people are moving all across the country, and events are finally coming back, the question is whether an enclosed trailer makes sense as an investment. Whether you are a construction business and want to get the best return on the investment in this asset or simply an individual …

Where to Buy a Deck Over Trailer

By renowncargotr

When you start looking at your trailer options, a wide variety of factors affect the final purchase decision. What type of trailer do I need? Where do I intend to go with this trailer? What’s an enclosed trailer vs. open utility trailer vs deck over trailer? Whenever we start the process with a new customer, …

Pet Grooming Trailer News: The First-Ever Enclosed Trailer Company Is Going to Be at BOLD!

By renowncargotr

For the first time in the history of the BOLD Atlanta Pet Fair & Conference, an enclosed trailer company featuring a modern dog grooming trailer will be represented as an exhibitor. Renown Trailers is proud to announce that we are, in fact, the trailer company that gets to show off our beautiful new 7×12 fully …

Top Things to Have in Your Race Trailer: The Ultimate Custom Race Trailer Buying Guide

By renowncargotr

Whether you say racecar trailer or race car trailer, today’s enclosed race car trailers are made to get what gets you revved up to and from the track easier and safer than ever before. We asked our trailer pros what the top things they considered to be essential in a top-of-the-line race trailer were and …

Mobile Dog Grooming Trailer Hacks: Everything You Need to Know About the Flying Pig Pet Grooming Tub

By renowncargotr

Those in the mobile pet grooming business know that the Flying Pig pet grooming tub is the Cadillac of dog bath tubs. Renown Trailers puts this grooming bathtub for dogs in our mobile dog grooming trailer standard because of how impactful such a quality piece of equipment is for our customer’s operations.  In today’s trailer …

Open Trailers vs. Enclosed Trailers: Pros and Cons

By renowncargotr

Open utility trailers and enclosed cargo trailers are each incredibly useful tools in their own right. These trailers are relied on by everyone from construction crews to homeowners to get the desired cargo wherever it needs to be. So how do you decide which is right for you?  Today our trailer pros are breaking down …

Utility Trailers: A Buyer’s Guide

By renowncargotr

Utility trailers are the awesome all-around hauling machines that simply get the job done without a lot of frills. These relatively lightweight trailers can be hauled by just about any truck or SUV, and even a few cars that are equipped with tow hitches. Whether you’re hauling your ATV, picking up a new appliance, or …

Getting Your Enclosed Trailer Heater Ready for the Winter

By renowncargotr

Winter fun can mean awesome trips with all the toys inside your enclosed trailer to beautiful and remote locations. With Renown’s full line of toy haulers, you can outfit your trailer to keep you warm, toasty, and comfortable no matter what mother nature throws your way. Or perhaps you’re running a crew during cold winter …

Customer Success Story: A Toy Hauler Enclosed Cargo Trailer for Hauling “Back to the Future” Deloreans

By renowncargotr

At Renown Cargo Trailers, our sole mission is to help our customers find the perfect trailer for hauling whatever cargo they need to, wherever it needs to go. From livestock and equipment, to custom cars and ATVs, our trailer pros take the time to get to know the unique requirements needed to have a great …

Top Things to Look for When Purchasing a New Trailer

By renowncargotr

Let’s face it, purchasing a new trailer is always an investment. You’re looking for an asset that can be depended on to last you for many years and faithfully protect whatever cargo you have, wherever you want to take it. Landscaping trailers, construction trailers, even race car trailers all have specialized options and accessories that …

Everything You Need to Know about Enclosed Trailer Floors, Ceilings, & Walls

By renowncargotr

It might not seem like the most glamorous aspect of buying the brand new enclosed cargo trailer of your dreams; however, the choices made when it comes to the trailer’s floors, ceiling, and walls can make a huge difference in how well your trailer performs all that you ask of it. Today’s custom trailer feature …

Spread Axle Vs. Tandem Axle Enclosed Cargo Trailers: The Great Debate

By renowncargotr

Everyone knows tandem axle trailers are great for hauling heavy loads over great distances. Most larger enclosed trailers like goosenecks and semi tractor trailers on the road utilize this familiar axle trailer configuration. However, if you’re brand new to hauling cargo, you may have never heard of a less common variant, the spread axle trailer.  …

Renown Race Trailer Customer Success Story

By renowncargotr

Chase Hanish was looking for a one-of-a-kind race trailer to pull his one-of-a-kind race car to tracks around the country. You see, Chase Hanish is a professional Nascar driver, driving car number 34 in the B-Modified Race Division.  When Chase came to Renown, we were blown away with his incredible knowledge of cars and racing. …

The Top 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Enclosed Trailer Axles

By renowncargotr

Single axle, tandem axle, torsion axles, oh my? Truth is, we receive a lot of questions from our customers concerning enclosed trailer axles. That’s because this component really defines how much of a load your new trailer can safely carry. So, in today’s spotlight series, we sat down with our trailer pros and decided to …

Building Custom Race Trailers the Right Way

By renowncargotr

Whether you spell it racecar trailer or race car trailer, enclosed race car trailers are the de facto kings of safely transporting your prized race vehicle to and from the track and often around the country. With a combination of durability, functionality, and stability for long-hauls, race trailers make it easy to get your vehicle …

How to Design a Custom Enclosed Trailer Guide

By renowncargotr

When shopping for enclosed cargo trailers, the possibilities almost seem endless for customization options. You can change the aesthetics, add a host of extra features, and even beef up the construction itself.  With so many options available, we decided to make a quick reference guide for helping customers narrow their focus for designing the best …

Bumper Pull Trailers vs. Gooseneck Trailers: The Great Enclosed Trailer Showdown

By renowncargotr

As you browse Renown’s new trailer offerings and dream over the hundreds of different options available, it can be easy to gloss over a really key distinction in the trailer world – where the trailer connects to your vehicle. Whether a trailer connects to your vehicle’s bumper or within the bed of your truck, as …

Rock Solid Cargo Trailer: An American Success Story

By renowncargotr

As seen on the front cover of a recent NATDA Magazine edition, Rock Solid Cargo deserves their place on the front of industry publications because they are indeed leaders in the enclosed cargo trailer manufacturing industry.  Today, we’ll take a closer look at how Rock Solid Cargo grew from humble beginnings in the middle of …


By renowncargotr

Toy haulers are often put in a box as the enclosed trailer of choice for hauling a couple dirt bikes, ATVs, or whatever else gets your adrenaline pumping wherever your hobby takes you. In today’s series, we’ll help you see just how creative you can get with toy hauler trailers for rocking everything from campouts …

Everything You Need to Know to Tow: Gooseneck Trailer Edition

By renowncargotr

Gooseneck trailers are undeniably the beasts of the enclosed trailer scene. These behemoths are for the biggest loads, whatever heavy cargo needs to get transported from A to B safely and securely. Our gooseneck trailers offer a lot of advantages for the heavy load haulers but there’s some important considerations to remember as you tackle …

5 Tips to Purchasing a Contractor Trailer

By renowncargotr

Renown’s contractor trailers are designed with skilled trades in mind. We know that plumbers, carpenters, electricians, handymen, and other skilled workers all require a large number of tools and equipment in order to complete the project at hand. That’s why our rugged contractor trailers are outfitted to be easily-transportable, easily-accessible, and at the same time, …

The Ultimate Guide to Purchasing a Concession Trailer

By renowncargotr

Concession trailers are popping up all over as today’s intrepid chefs find they can ditch the brick and mortar to bring their succulent creations right where the large, hungry crowds are. A concession trailer gives you the ability to choose the best location with the ability to change as demand dictates. In today’s spotlight series, …

7×16 vs 8.5×20 Enclosed Trailer Comparison

By renowncargotr

There’s no doubt that both the 7×16 and 8.5×20 are tough cargo trailers. Each enclosed trailer can carry thousands of pounds of whatever you need to transport and each are solid workhorses, built for years of faithful service. So when considering which enclosed cargo trailer is right for your situation, how do you know which …

What Does a 6×12 Enclosed Trailer Weigh and How Much Towing Do You Actually Need?

By renowncargotr

How much does an enclosed trailer weigh? How much does a 6 ft enclosed trailer weigh? What size trailer can my vehicle tow? We face these types of questions all the time from customers wondering what size trailer they are able to purchase based on how much their vehicle can tow. Since the 6 x …

The Trailer Guru’s Guide to Payload Trailer Weight

By renowncargotr

At Renown, “How much can my enclosed cargo trailer haul?” is a question we face every day. Some see payload trailer weight as a measure of trailer beefiness. In reality, the enclosed trailer weight and cargo weight combined, called the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR or just GVW), is one of the most important safety …


By noel

Rock Solid Cargo is one of the best selling trailers we carry. Since we are both located in the same southern Georgia town of Douglas, our relationship to this manufacturer of distinction has deep roots. We see them for who they are – a team of integrity that builds trailers just as strong as their …

Single Vs. Tandem Axle Enclosed Cargo Trailers

By renowncargotr

Over the years, our customers have asked many times whether the inherent versatility of the single axle trailer or the powerhouse qualities that make up our tandem axle trailer takes the cake as the best trailer we carry. Truth is, both of these trailer options have their own distinct advantages and disadvantages when compared to …

8.5 x 16 Enclosed Cargo Trailer Buyer’s Guide: Everything You Need to Know Before You Buy

By renowncargotr

The 8.5 x 16 is by far one of the most versatile sizes of enclosed cargo trailers that Renown carries. Whether for personal use, a business, or a combination of both, this trailer can reliably get your cargo where it needs to go. When you are zeroing in on the venerable trailer that is the …

Everything You Need to Know To Get Your Trailer Financed Through Rock Solid Funding

By renowncargotr

A crucial step in the trailer-buying process is when you consider your financing options for how you will actually fund the purchase. With all the different offers for financing, how do you know you are dealing with a reputable lender or getting a competitive rate? To make our sales process as seamless as possible for …

Why Give? Renown Cargo Trailers & Charitable Giving

By noel

At Renown, our work means so much more to us than just helping our customers find the perfect enclosed cargo trailer. We see giving our best in our work every day as a way we can honor the gifts God gives us. So we choose to give back at every opportunity available to us because …

The Morgan Family

By noel

Why Renown: The Morgan Family At Renown, we treat our clients like friends and family. While any business that cares about what they do should treat customers like this, we do so because it’s simply who we are. To achieve a culture like this in today’s business environment is tough and requires owners, managers, and …

What’s the Best Way to Finance an Enclosed Trailer?

By renowncargotr

How to Finance an Enclosed Trailer in a few easy steps: So you’ve picked out the perfect trailer from Renown’s great lineup of enclosed cargo trailers. Maybe it’s that monthly special blacked-out 7 x 16 enclosed cargo trailer you’ve had your eye on or maybe it’s a beastly 38’ triple axle Gooseneck for hauling your …


By renowncargotr

Who Makes The Best Enclosed Cargo Trailer? Just performing a Google search for enclosed cargo trailers for sale means you’ll be hit with a seemingly endless list of different options from trailer manufacturers around the country and even around the world. How in the world do you know how one brand stacks up against another? …

More than Just Cargo Trailers – Giving Back: John’s Wish

By noel

At Renown, we want to be so much more than just another trailer dealership. While we love putting our customers in the perfect cargo trailer to meet their needs, we love even more simply doing our best every day and giving back to our community. One particular charity that has pulled on our hearts for …

Customer Success Stories – Custom Enclosed Trailers

By noel

Our team gets really pumped when we’re able to provide the perfect trailer to meet an individual’s personal or business aspirations; it helps reinforce us knowing we’re doing trailer sales the right way. As a result of putting customers first, we continue to receive success stories like these: Client: Kulture City Renown Product: 8.5 x …

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