The Ultimate Guide to Enclosed Cargo Trailer Tie Downs

inside of a gooseneck trailer with tie downs

When it comes to traveling with enclosed cargo, securing it correctly is an absolute necessity. As you travel, your motorcycles, equipment, and other cargo will shift and move about the trailer if you do not have it properly tied down. That is where some reliable tie-downs for trailers are a vital component for every enclosed cargo trailer. But what are tie-downs for trailers? Where do you attach them to the cargo trailer? What kind of cargo can be secured with tie-downs for trailers? 

In this guide, we will discuss the purpose of tie-downs for trailers, what they are, and cover some tips and tricks for how to use them to secure your cargo the most securely. Hold on tight as we get rolling out to the world of tie-downs for trailers. 

What are Tie-Downs for Trailers?

Tie-downs for trailers are heavy-duty straps that are used to secure hefty cargo so it cannot be jostled about while in motion. Made to be capable of securing monumental payload weights, cargo tie-downs are designed to keep even heavy motorcycles or vehicles safe and secure in transit. 

Most cargo tie-downs consist of a strap or net, some form of a hook to attach it to an anchor. Oftentimes, tie-downs for trailers will include a mechanism called a ratchet to tighten and loosen the strap. With the strap or net portion typically being made from super-tough Nylon and the hook being made from a steel alloy, the materials used are intended to be stout and secure. 

Available in nearly every color and a variety of materials, cargo tie-downs come in a variety of lengths. Typically, you can get tie-downs in lengths from about 6 feet for smaller loads, to about 40 feet for larger cargo. 

Quick terms: 

  • Break Weight: The break weight refers to the maximum weight that the cargo tie-down can support before breaking. This limit should be available on every type of tie-down for trailers. The break weight will be a higher number than the working load strength as it is not intended to be the everyday capacity.
  • Working Load Strength: This refers to the everyday weight limit that the cargo tie-downs are capable of supporting. This weight is meant to indicate the daily conditions that the tie-downs can be used in that will not cause damage. This will be lower than the break weight as the working load strength is meant to be safe for continued use on a daily basis. 

The Nitty Gritty: Types of Straps and Hooks

Digging a little deeper into the types of tie-downs for trailers, there are a few different types of straps and hooks available to secure your cargo. Though there are numerous types on the market, here are the most common straps and hooks for cargo tie-downs:

Types of Straps:

  • Lashing straps: Lashing straps are intended to be used with smaller loads and weights. With easy-to-use gator clips, a smaller working load strength, and lighter break strength, lashing straps are ideal for loads around 100 lbs and lighter.
  • Cam buckle straps: Cam buckle straps are intended for medium loads like ATVs and dirt bikes and are going to have a heavier capacity than lashing straps. With a working load strength of around 500 lbs and a break strength of up to 1,500 lbs, cam buckle straps are ideally used when securing moderately heavy cargo.
  • Ratchet straps: Ratchet straps are the heaviest duty of tie-downs for trailers that are used for large and weighty loads. Named after the locking mechanism to secure the straps in one position, the ratchet straps have an easy-to-use securing instrument. The working load strength of most ratchet straps is an impressive 5,000 lbs and the break weight of ratchet straps is 15,000 lbs. Ideal for the largest cargo, motorcycles, automobiles, and industrial loads, ratchet straps are a hefty option for motorcycle tie-downs for trailers or cargo tie-downs for trailers.

Types of Hooks: 

  • S-hook: As the typical standard on most types of motorcycle tie-downs for trailers and cargo tie-downs, the s-hook is made from a steel alloy in the shape of an “S.” With one end of the s-hook being closed around the end of the strap and the other end being open, these hooks are easy to attach to nearly any anchor type.
  • Snap hook: The snap hook is going to include a closing hook that is more secure than the s-hook. By snapping around the anchor, the snap hook needs to be unhitched to be removed. This gives cargo an extra layer of protection in transit and is compatible with most types of anchors.
  • Flat hook: The flat hook is a versatile hook shape that is unobtrusive. The flat hook is designed to be secured around the rub rails of trailers and can be secured to other cargo tie-downs for trailers as well. 
  • J-hook: Used to tightly grip the anchor, j-hooks are a multi-point hook that is on one end of some cargo tie-downs for trailers. Often used with heavy-duty straps are a hardy option for cargo securement 

Where to Secure Tie-Downs for Trailers

Whether you are transporting a vintage show car or your mobile concession stand equipment, the right anchors for your tie-down are a major part of your enclosed cargo trailer. Most enclosed cargo trailers are going to be equipped with some form of anchor to secure cargo tie-downs. These anchors are attached securely to the side walls or floor in a fixed location. This provides an unyielding connection point to secure the trailer tie-down and hold cargo in place. 

There are two common types of anchors found in enclosed cargo trailers. Depending on the type of cargo you intend on hauling, it is important to get the right anchor to ensure that your haul gets there safe and sound. Here at Renown Cargo Trailers, we can equip your enclosed cargo trailer with either d-rings, e-tracks, or both if you need a more diverse anchoring system. 

Types of anchors for tie-downs for trailers

  • D-rings: D-rings are small half-rounded rings that are embedded into the floor or sidewalls of a trailer. Providing a fixed point for attaching cargo tie-downs, d-rings are ideal for transporting the same type of cargo over and over. You may want to install d-rings into your trailer if you plan on using motorcycle tie-downs for trailers, automobile tie-downs, or other vehicle tie-downs for trailers. 

The downside of d-rings as cargo anchors is that they do not offer much in the way of flexibility. D-rings are secured to a fixed point that may limit your hauling capabilities depending on what you are needing your enclosed cargo trailer to carry.

  • E-tracks: As the name suggests, e-tracks are E-shaped tracks that are installed into the floor or side walls of a cargo trailer. These versatile anchoring systems have multiple slats in which a cargo tie-down and be attached. This offers numerous points of contact for your cargo tie-downs and allows more flexibility for what cargo you can carry. E-tracks can also be combined with d-rings to create a system of anchor points to attach cargo tie-downs for trailers. 

Tips and Tricks for the Most Secure Cargo Tie-Downs

Whether you are transporting sound equipment to your next concert or bringing your ATV along for a weekend in the great outdoors, knowing how to utilize tie-downs for trailers is essential for the long haul. Of course, the exact method will depend on what you are carrying, the type of cargo tie-downs you are using, and the anchoring system your trailer is equipped with. However, here are some general tips and tricks to properly securing your cargo. 

  • Center you load: When loading your cargo, the position in the trailer matters. By positioning the cargo in the middle of the trailer or near the hitch side, you can keep the weight of the load evenly distributed across the trailer and keep it from hitting the walls as you move. This gives it enough room to move slightly without banging up against the wall of the trailer.
  • Be sure your tie-downs are tight: Once you have everything tied down, be sure to inspect the tension of the tie-downs. This will make sure all of your connections are securely in place and will not move during the trip. 
  • Do not over-tighten: You want to make sure that your cargo tie-downs for trailers are tight and secure, but not too tight. Especially with cargo like automobiles and motorcycles, overtightening your tie-downs for trailers could cause damage to your cargo. 
  • Use additional straps: It is much better to use additional tie-downs for added security than it is to have loose cargo. Use as many straps as you can. 

Have the Cargo, Need the Trailer? Renown is Here to Help

Whether you are carrying something across town or across the country, Renown Cargo Trailers has the perfect enclosed cargo trailer for you. With numerous ways to customize your trailer, you add all the tie-down anchors you could ever need. Request a quote from us today. 

What’s the Advantage of a V-Nose Enclosed Trailer?

7x14 enclosed trailer

V-nose enclosed trailers are known for their distinctive shape, which provides a range of benefits for the modern cargo hauler. Anyone who has hauled a v-nose over a flat trailer can attest to this design simply makes for a better towing experience. We’ll take a look at what makes V-nose trailers special, the advantages they offer, how they are designed, and the best attributes to look for as you shop our full line-up of V-nose trailer options. 

What is a V-Neck Enclosed Trailer?

With a beautifully sleek and aerodynamic look, V-nose cargo trailers come out swinging. Offering a variety of benefits, a V-neck is so named because the front of the trailer comes together at a V-like point instead of a flat front you may have seen on other enclosed trailers. V-neck trailers provide additional space up front for more cargo space and many trailer owners attest that they are easier to tow, especially in different wind conditions. 

If you are comparing two 7×14 enclosed trailers and one is a V-nose and the other is flat, the V-nose will have an additional 1-2’ up front in the nose of extra space over the same-sized flat-front. All in all, the V-neck can provide so much more bang for your buck when you are deciding to invest in a new enclosed cargo trailer.  

Advantages of V-Nose Trailers

A V-nose trailer’s unique design contains a host of features that many find to be especially useful in day-to-day trailering. Little advantages become big deals day in and day out as these benefits compound over time. A few of the many advantages present in an enclosed v-nose trailer include:

  • More Space: depending on the size of the trailer, you can expect an extra foot or two of length within the v-nose which provides an excellent nook for a wide variety of applications. We’ve had customers add shelves and overhead cabinets in their options list and then use the front v-nose area as a workstation. You could house electrical set-ups for quick and efficient distribution throughout the rest of the trailer. As well, it provides a great spot to pull up a motorcycle’s front wheel. You can kick it up a notch by adding e-tracks and d-rings for tons of tie down spots. 
  • Better Maneuvering: the shape of the v-nose makes it easier for turning and maneuvering. Some models of trucks can even have their gates down and still make tight turns in an enclosed v-nose trailer. 
  • Easier To Tow: providing more space means you have more opportunities within the enclosed trailer to balance your load about the axle. Better maneuverability, aerodynamics, and less susceptibility to sudden gusts all add up to a better experience as you’re towing a trailer. Anyone who has been doing 70mph on the interstate and passes a semi tractor trailer towing a trailer can tell you that these white knuckle moments are when you’re glad you invested in a v-nose enclosed trailer.

Although it can depend greatly on the tow vehicle, properly loading your trailer, and staying within set weight limits, many customers also report substantial gas savings when they switch to a v-nose. While it can be difficult to quantify with so many variables at play, a lot of enclosed trailer cargo haulers also report feeling like they have more control. This may be due to the shape contributing to a decrease in front drag, especially with a strong headwind.

Preventing Trailer Sway

If you’ve been hauling cargo trailers any length of time, you yourself may have experienced the hair raising moment your trailer starts to sway back and forth. With V-necks, sway can be reduced by keeping the load properly balanced around the axle and sticking under your trailer and your tow vehicle’s max weight limits. There are also additional systems to consider when you want to minimize sway, especially on long trips. 

Weight distribution hitches help take the stress of the point of connection and distribute it evenly across a uniform plane between the tow vehicle and the trailer. This means less stress at the rear of your tow vehicle, less stress at the trailer tongue, and ultimately a drastic reduction in swaying tendencies. The weight distribution hitch also can help increase your tow capacity, makes the V-nose easier to control, and increases stability like when you pass a semi or get hit with a sudden gust.  

What Do You Use a V-Nose Trailer For

V-nose trailers provide a lot of great room right up front for a variety of applications. Commonly, we’re helping our customers decide the best set-ups for their businesses or just everyday hauling needs. One of the big advantages with the extra space up front is organization. We have so many great options that help to keep tools, equipment, spare parts, and other necessities stored with a dedicated space on board the trailer. 

Anyone in the skilled trades knows that a well-organized tool crib means greater efficiency and a boosted bottom line while on the job site. Paying dividends is what getting the right v-nose trailer to meet your needs is all about. At Renown, we take it as our mission to help you find that perfect trailer to create long-term value.

Best V-Nose Enclosed Trailers 

We stock some of the best v-nose enclosed trailers on the market and we don’t just say that as a gimmick, we actually know these companies and these trailers very well. After being a leader in enclosed trailer sales, we’ve built some solid industry relationships and have learned where to spot quality. If a manufacturer doesn’t hold themselves to the same standards we have here at Renown, we simply won’t recommend those trailers to our customers. Top names in enclosed v-nose trailers include Rock Solid Cargo and Spartan Cargo Trailers but, in the end, the best trailer is going to be the one that provides the most value for the investment you’re making. 

We understand many of our customers are using these v-nose trailers in a business setting. Whether that’s a race team, a mobile concession trailer, mobile pet grooming, a landscape business, or whatever other way you earn a living, these trailers simply have to perform at the professional level. That’s why we have plenty of types and sizes to look at with option after option so you can get a completely customized enclosed cargo trailer to perfectly meet your needs.

How to Tow a V-Nose 

Towing a v-nose definitely has its perks. You’ll definitely feel a lot more in control and able to get in and out of tight spaces. The ease of towing a v-nose with the extra room up front and the better driveability especially with gusts make the experience a lot better when getting heavy loads from A to B and back again. 

Towing a v-nose is also easier with the set-ups we carry. Take the 8.5×16 trailer for example. This is a great tandem axle v-nose enclosed trailer that comes standard with a sand foot on the jack. This makes it so easy to pop the trailer on and off even if you don’t have a nice concrete surface. Whether you’re at the job site or pulling up your mobile food trailer to an event, you will be so grateful for this seemingly insignificant feature. The 2 5/16” coupler is also a very standard size and able to connect to most trucks and many SUVs with ease. This trailer and our other tandems also come standard with two 3500-pound rated drop leaf spring axles with electric brakes on both axles. This is going to make for a much smoother ride even with a full load out, as well as making it much easier to bring the trailer under control and to a safe stop. 

If you’ve ever driven a trailer without an independent braking system and tried to make a quick stop, you know how scary it can be to feel your tow vehicle pushed from behind. The two brakes on each axle are another detail that can be easy to gloss over but make towing Renown’s v-nose enclosed trailers so much nicer.

Shop In-Stock V-Nose Enclosed Trailers

As you shop all your options for the best V-nose trailers, it all comes down to the value received for the investment being made. Our team is composed of highly-experienced professionals. That means they know which trailers are going to make your life hauling cargo easier, and how to marry needs and budget together in the package that provides the best long-term value. We provide a superior level of support before, during, and after you purchase your new trailer because we want to be your trailer shop for life. 

Shop our full line-up of enclosed V-nose trailers, select all your options, get financed, and even arrange for professional delivery right to your driveway. If you need guidance at any point come see us in beautiful Douglas, Georgia or our team’s just a call, email, or chat away—please contact us however is most convenient. 

Renown Appears on World’s Greatest Episode 315

premier source for enclosed cargo trailers

Global transport and logistics is a big part of World’s Greatest episodes which is why we were ecstatic when the show’s producers reached out to have our team featured on the latest episode. As the largest trailer dealer in the nation and stocking trailers from five different manufacturers, our team was proud to get a chance to talk about what makes Renown so different. 

We’ll give you a behind-the-scenes peek into the episode and the reasons behind why our trailer dealership was chosen to be featured on World’s Greatest.

About World’s Greatest 

World’s Greatest is produced by award-winning researchers at How2Media Productions, which is headquartered in beautiful Boynton Beach, FL. The national TV show is in its 15 season currently with a corner on what they call “edutainment” i.e. being educational and entertaining at the same time. World’s Greatest features behind-the-scenes footage and interviews with amazing and unique companies, products, people, and destinations around the world. 

World’s Greatest episodes often provide inside looks into the companies behind some of the most popular products in the world including Anheuser Busch, Proctor and Gamble, 3M, and Dollar General—just to name a small few! The industries they highlight really do span the gamut from automotive and construction to logistics and sporting goods. If it’s a company uniquely building their own success within a given industry, you can bet they’re on World’s Greatest’s radar.

Episode 315 Was All About Companies Getting Things Done

World’s Greatest episode 315 is loaded with top tier companies across the U.S. From leading restaurant supply groups to award-winning elder home care companies, it’s a stacked deck of businesses absolutely rocking their given industries. When our turn came up, our CEO Lane Morgan was excited to get to talk about what we love doing—selling trailers. When asked what made Renown so different Lane was quick to turn the spotlight onto our fantastic team which makes everything we do and the success we share possible. 

Lane was also asked about opportunities in the industry and explained that custom trailers are very much sought after and especially within the specialization of the mobile pet grooming industry. We came together as a team, talked with pet groomers and came up with our own design that’s been tailored just for mobile pet grooming. In the episode, Lane also goes on to cover the multitude of other custom trailers we provide including concession trailers, race car trailers, landscape trailers, and more. 

Concession trailers and mobile kitchens are another hot item as more and more chefs choose to break free from the brick and mortar. At Renown, we can put up interior walls, sinks, water, hood vents, a propane package—really anything you find in an industrial kitchen our team can place inside of a trailer. The episode centered around what makes unique companies so special and the level of customization Renown provides is a key differentiator.

The Renown Difference

If you’ve gone through the episode, then you know that Renown gives credit where credit is due for our success. Number one, as a faith-based company we do all of our work in a way that honors our beliefs. We have found that following biblical principles like treating everyone with respect, treating others how we would want to be treated, and living our lives in a way that honors God translates into a trailer buying experience like no other. People come in to our dealers as strangers and leave as lifelong friends simply because of how they are treated before, during, and after the sale. 

A few of the areas you may have heard Lane key in on during the episode for what makes us so unique include:


“God has surrounded me with a bunch of champions”, says Lane. Our team is highly experienced in the trailer industry and are able to recommend the perfect solution for hauling cargo. As an authorized dealer for so many top-tier enclosed trailers, we are able to marry up needs and budget with the perfect trailer to get the job done for our customers. 


Open communication with customers is paramount to our success. We completely understand that buying a trailer is a significant investment and that most of us want to be comfortable with who we’re investing with before we make a purchasing decision. Our team takes that trust seriously and works hard to maintain clear, honest, and open communication with our customers before, during, and especially after the sale.


As we’ve talked about, one of the things that really sets our dealer apart lies in our ability to customize trailers with all the latest innovations that make a good trailer a truly great one. Our customers come in with an idea and we love taking that idea and running with it to create a one-of-a-kind solution that perfectly meets the needs of our customer. 

Instead of having a generic trailer that you learn to work around something, this trailer has been set-up specifically to meet your unique challenges, which can help it provide so much more long term value and simply a better experience hauling whatever cargo is desired. From AC and electric packages, to blacked out trailers and ladder racks, the sheer level of customization options available truly sets our dealership apart.

Fastest Build Times

Being really skilled at providing custom set-ups for trailers wouldn’t mean a lot if it took us forever to deliver. That’s where another way we exceed customer expectations lies with our incredibly fast build times. We take custom orders and turn them into reality in our massive, state-of-the-art facilities right in the heart of the state of Georgia here in Douglas. However, with the ability to deliver nationwide, we’ve been able to share our fantastic products and exceptional service experience with customers across the U.S.

Nationwide Warranty 

Another interesting aspect Lane covered was with our nationwide warranty program. Our trailers come with a tough-as-nails 5-year factory warranty and we even offer the ability to purchase a really affordable extended 10-year warranty, but what makes this so unique is just how easy it is to use it. 

We get that our trailers were made to move and provide critical logistics for getting cargo from A to B. Other warranties can restrict you to having to bring in the trailer to the dealership you bought it from when something comes up but ours lets you go anywhere in the nation. Find a service center near you, get an estimate, and send it over to Renown for approval. 

We pride ourselves on fast turnarounds and strive to get you back on the road in 24 hours or less. Sticking behind our products and our customers even years after they’ve purchased their trailer is just one more way that we make buying trailers that much nicer with Renown.

Change for Good

Last up for why we were featured on World’s Greatest for doing things differently goes back to who we are as a company. We are unabashedly a faith-based company which means we give all the glory to God for our blessings and abilities. We feel God has profoundly changed our lives and that permeates every aspect of our business. 

It’s a change that people notice and results in our customers being treated totally differently than maybe what they’re used to. We want to be a positive change in people’s lives for what we get to do here every day. When your entire company is all working to outdo one another in kindness, good deeds, gentleness, and humility, it makes for a powerful force multiplier for good.

Highest Rated Trailer Dealership in Georgia

If you look at search engine reviews of different trailer dealerships, you’ll see that Renown is one of the highest rated not just in Georgia, but nationwide, from hundreds of customers. For all of the reasons we’ve highlighted above we are both proud and humble that so many of our customers took the time to share why their experience was so positive. While we’d never say trust internet reviews alone, if you take a minute to check us out and see what people are saying you’ll get a better idea of what makes our process so unique. 

Ready for a Whole New Way to Buy Open and Enclosed Trailers?

Whether you need an 6×12 enclosed trailer with ladder racks for your plumbing company or want a 7×16 tandem axle for hauling ATVs out to your favorite trail, we undoubtedly have the perfect solution. The best part is whatever trailer you need, you can have it built out to meet your needs and make it so much nicer when hauling what you need. 

Browse all of the options we have for enclosed cargo trailers and open utility trailers. These are best-in-class trailers that are made with American quality and durability throughout every inch. To make it as easy as possible, you can find the perfect trailer, select your options, get financed, and even have your trailer delivered all from our site. 

The Ultimate Guide to Enclosed Trailers for Sale in Georgia

When it comes to quality enclosed trailers for sale, Georgia is ripe with options for today’s cargo haulers. But with so many options, how do you really choose which dealer will offer the best value for the investment you’re making? 

Clicking back and forth between websites isn’t that much fun so here we’ll cover the top three enclosed trailers Georgia has to offer so you can find all the information you need in one, easy place. 

Enclosed Trailer Comparison Snapshot

Running through our comparison categories, you can see how the top enclosed trailer dealers in Georgia stack up:

  • Number of trailer types offered: Renown – 20+ (15+ enclosed trailer sizes, 5 open trailer sizes and unlimited custom trailers!), USA Cargo Trailer – 18 enclosed trailer sizes, Pro-Line – varies depending on used inventory.
  • Customizations available: Renown & USA Cargo – tied with many different exterior and interior customization options available. Pro-Line does not list any available options on their site.
  • Pick-up & delivery: Renown offers both pick-up and delivery options. USA Cargo and Pro-Line also offer delivery options.
  • Financing options: Renown & Pro-Line offer information about financing at the dealership and on their site, USA Cargo states that they do not finance trailers.
  • Average Google reviews: Renown – 4.8 stars on 398 reviews, Pro-Line Trailers – 4.2 stars on 279 reviews, USA Cargo Trailer – 3.8 stars on 105 reviews. 
  • Trailer prices listed: Renown & USA Cargo list trailer pricing information, Pro-Line directs you to request a quote.

Now that we’ve seen how some of the best enclosed trailers for sale Georgia has to offer compared, let’s dig a little deeper into each category and the trailer companies themselves. 

Diversity of Trailer Types

When it came to sheer diversity of different trailer types, Renown took the cake with a full 20 different sizes of enclosed and open trailers to choose from. The choices offered can be a bit deceiving as some of the other sites had different colors for each trailer size as a different product altogether. Renown sought to streamline our dealership as a true e-platform, where we provide all the options under a single product. 

Even with a deep level of customization, we still have the largest selection of new enclosed trailers available. USA Cargo was next on the list with 18 and Pro-Line’s count varies as they have a revolving inventory based on the used enclosed trailer listings they have.

Customizations Available With Enclosed Trailers for Sale

Renown and USA Cargo Trailer are pretty neck and neck with an incredible level of different trailer customizations available. If you need a bare-bones no frill stock trailer, you definitely have a lot of options there too. But having the ability to slap on extras that really make your life easier can really amp up the awesome factor in your new trailer. 

Both Renown and USA Cargo provided a long list of both interior and exterior trailer options that are available. These include individual upgrades such as skin thickness, axles, ramps, lights, etc., as well as different packages like a blackout or racing trailer. Pro-Line did not appear to list any customization options with the different trailers on their site.

Pick-up & Delivery Availability

Renown took the category with both local pick-up at our physical location in Douglas, GA and also the ability to arrange for delivery. At Renown, we have a team of professional drivers that are all next-level trailer haulers. They’ll guide you through the delivery process of your brand new enclosed or open trailer. It will show up right on time and in absolutely pristine condition. 

USA Cargo Trailers says that they do not deliver but do provide a listing of different trailer shipping companies that they recommend. Pro-Line Trailers offers little delivery information so you’d need to arrange for your own third-party transportation if you needed the trailer brought to you.

Ability to Finance an Enclosed Trailer Purchase

Renown and Pro-Line each provided information on how to apply for financing a new enclosed trailer purchase. At Renown, we only partner with trailer financing companies that we know treat our customers with the same honesty and respect that we do. We have long-standing relationships with these companies so that our customers can get some of the best rates available. Financing a trailer can be a great option, especially with interest rates still remaining relatively low. 

Keep in mind that the rate you receive is based on your credit worthiness. So if you have less than ideal credit currently but foresee wanting to finance an enclosed trailer in the future, you can take steps to help improve your score like paying down debt and making payments on-time. As of the writing of this guide, USA Cargo Trailers says in their FAQs section that they do not finance trailers.

Reviews: How Do Customers Rate Their Experience?

Doing an internet search is one of the most common ways to find out information on different products and services nowadays. An important note when looking at reviews on a search engine is to note the number of reviews there actually are. Like any scientific test, the greater the number of responses, the higher the confidence level in the data represented. 

Looking at Google, Renown currently has 4.8 stars based on 398 reviews. A quick bit of math, 398/4.8 gives us a level of 83. On a somewhat simplistic basis, 83 represents the number of people required to earn each star. Since the internet can provide results that are all over the place, we can use this ratio as a way to grade ratings on a more level playing field. At present, Pro-Line Trailers has 4.2 stars on Google based 279 reviews. This represents a response-to-star (RTS) ratio of 66. USA Cargo Trailer currently has 3.8 stars based on 105 reviews. This represents an RTS ratio of just 28.

Trailer Prices Listed on the Website

We definitely get that it’s really annoying to find a product you like, scroll through the options, and get to the end where instead of seeing the price you see “request a quote”. Both Renown and USA Cargo Trailer put pricing information right on their sites so that you can quickly compare whichever size you have in mind. 

If you’re searching “enclosed trailers for sale Georgia”, it can be a real time saver to have the pricing information right in front of you. Unfortunately, Pro-Line Trailers had the dreaded “get a quote” button under their listings.

Who is Pro-Line Trailers?

Pro-Line Trailer’s “About Us” page details that the company is headquartered in Rocky Mount, Virginia with factory pick-up options in Georgia and Indiana. The trailer service department is also located at the Rocky Mount headquarters. Pro-Line offers a large range of new and used enclosed and open trailers.

Listed trailer product categories include:

  • Enclosed trailers
  • Open car trailers
  • Equipment trailers
  • Utility trailers
  • Dump Trailers
  • Open gooseneck trailers
  • Livestock trailers
  • Used Trailers

The biggest differentiator is the used trailer sales they provide. Pro-Line lists a Trailer Trade Program that provides them with a selection of used trailers for sale. At present, these include several used equipment trailers, horse trailers, and goosenecks.

A Closer Look at USA Cargo Trailer

USA Cargo Trailers’ company page explains they are a family-owned business, which we are all about here at Renown. Treating customers like family means going above and beyond before, during, and especially after the sale. 

We also have to give props to USA Cargo since they are also headquartered here in the beautiful slice of Georgia paradise we enjoy in Douglas, GA. USA Cargo lists that they provide factory direct trailer pickup and are paired with a quality manufacturer to produce a diverse line of trailers. They did not provide any additional information about their team other than to say they are available to help.

The Renown Difference

At Renown, we put our team’s big beautiful faces and full bios on our about us page. Our philosophy is built around relationships. We treat customers like we’d want to be treated and as a faith-based company, strive to conduct ourselves in a way that honors God. Honesty and transparency means that if we don’t have the trailer to fit your needs, we will gladly send you to a competitor like USA Cargo or Pro-Line. We’d rather you have the perfect trailer than see you with something that’s not right for your situation. 

Why put our competitors’ info on our site? We provide a comparison like this guide because we believe strongly that we provide the best blend of selection, value, and service in trailer sales today. We include a stout warranty and our team is ready to help in any way now or years from now. That level of service really compounds the value received for what we absolutely understand is an investment in your new trailer. 

Shop Enclosed Cargo Trailers For Sale in Georgia

Start your own trailer buying journey by browsing our incredible selection of top-tier units that are ready to get to work. Check us out online or come on by and experience for yourself why hundreds of customers rated their Renown experience so highly online.  

The Ultimate Guide to Open & Enclosed Trailer Sizes

Whenever someone is in the market for a new cargo trailer, one of the first questions they usually ask is what size trailer they are going to need for their purposes. Our customers have come to know they can count on Renown for some of the toughest, longest-lasting, and most well-made trailers on the market today, but narrowing down just which size trailer will work can be a little tougher to discern. That’s why we’ve taken the time to provide this ultimate guide for both open and enclosed trailer sizes. 

We’ll cover common applications by trailer size and of course, our team is always here to discuss your needs if you want to talk things over with our dedicated trailer pros.

8.5x22 enclosed trailer

Enclosed Trailer Sizes

The best news with any enclosed trailer is the absolute plethora of options customers have in order to find the right size for their application. To narrow down the scope of different trailers, we can segment enclosed trailer sizes into three different widths – 6’ wide enclosed trailers, 7’ wide enclosed trailers, and 8.5’ enclosed trailers

  • 6’ Wide Enclosed Trailer Sizes – don’t let the smaller size enclosed trailers fool you, these 6’ wide enclosed trailers can handle thousands of pounds of cargo and are ready to roll for personal or business use. 6×12 enclosed trailers are available in both single and tandem axle models, depending on the cargo carrying capacity needs of the customer. 

6×12 trailers are fantastic options for smaller landscape operations that may have a single walk-behind mower and a small complement of equipment, handyman who need a mobile tool crib and materials shed, snow cone, and concessions trailers, and a million other applications. Their small size means they are easier to maneuver, back up, and store than a larger size trailer while still being quite capable in terms of payload.

  • 7’ Wide Enclosed Trailer Sizes – whether you need a 7×14 or a 7×16, these middle of the pack enclosed trailers meet a lot of different needs simultaneously. You’ll be able to carry more cargo within these larger trailers, while still retaining a lot of maneuverability when your operations have you in some tighter places like urban streets. For one of the baddest, most aggressive trailers out there, you have a great option with the 7×16 tandem axle blackout special
  • 8.5’ Wide Enclosed Trailer Sizes – 8.5’ wide trailers provide the greatest diversity of sizing options within the enclosed trailer lineup. You can get smaller 8.5×14’s all the way up to monstrous 8.5×32 enclosed trailers, with tons of options in between. When you are hauling a prized antique around to different car shows or have a massive amount of gear, the 8.5’ wide options afford the most amount of cargo space available. Our 8.5 foot wide enclosed trailers have been employed in a crazy diverse lineup of different situations. Whether that’s as a dynamo food truck trailer or as a snazzy race car trailer at the track, we can help you get the perfect set up with these very versatile enclosed trailers. 

With any of the above, you are going to get a great baseline trailer that actually comes loaded with a lot more options than you would probably expect from a “stock” trailer. There are proprietary Thermacool® roof liners, premium-grade plywood floors, ATP stone guards, Z-Tech undercoatings, 5-year factory warranties, and so much more. 

However, the good news gets even better because there are almost endless combinations available when you start looking at your different custom options available. Add a ladder rack to your construction trailer, beef up the ramp door, even increase the interior height of the trailer. Talk to our trailer pro’s about getting every bell and whistle you could ever want or need to be installed on your new dream enclosed trailer.

Open Trailer Sizes

Open trailers are just that, open-air and open skies with nothing between you and your cargo. These offer a very easy way to get your cargo on and off, simply by providing 360 degrees of access. Now, even in the open trailer realm, you have a ton of different open trailer sizes and types to choose from. We’ll narrow it down between two distinct categories – dump trailers and utility trailers

Sizes and Dimensions for Dump Trailers 

7x14 dump trailer

Dump trailers are great for construction and landscaping purposes where you can dump materials quickly and easily wherever they need to go. You have two great options with a 7×16 and a 7×14 dump trailer available. Both of these sizes of dump trailers provide plenty of cargo room for all your equipment while also providing the utility of hydraulic lifts to lift the entire bed of the trailer so all those tree limbs or landscape debris never have to be unloaded by hand again. 

Utility Trailer Sizes

7x16 utility trailer

Utility trailers are by far the most popular type of outdoor equipment hauling trailer we carry. That’s because these trailers are built extremely tough to withstand the elements but are no-frills and ready to be put to work immediately. You can get the perfect 6×12 utility trailer, 7×14 utility trailer, or 7×16 utility trailer to best meet your needs. 

One of the best parts of a utility trailer is its ease of towing. The relatively lightweight of the trailer itself means you can pull with a wider range of vehicles. So if you’ve got a landscape company with a zero-turn mower and need equipment racks for weed wackers, edgers, and blowers, these trailers are super easy to outfit and get right to work. With easy-to-use top wind set back jacks, you can hitch and unhitch a utility trailer really easily. For all of these reasons, the utility trailer truly offers some of the best utility of any trailer out there.

Jumbo-Sized Enclosed Trailers for the Largest Cargo

It’s pretty well known that we offer a tremendous level of the most popular enclosed trailers, dump trailers, and utility trailers out there. But sometimes even the biggest 8.5’ enclosed trailer options just don’t cut what our customers need to haul really heavy cargo. That’s when absolute monsters in our Gooseneck trailer line-up come into the picture. 

Renown’s Gooseneck trailers are available in sizes from 8.5×22 all the way up to 8.5×52! Goosenecks also come in both tandem axle and triple axle options. With the beefiest of the beefy payload capacities around, Goosenecks are your ideal choice when you need to haul really heavy loads over greater distances, offering greater stability by way of couplers installed directly in the tow vehicle’s bed. 

Can You Change Sizes of Enclosed Trailers?

As we’ve hinted at, the sky really is the limit when it comes to all of the customization options you have for your new trailer and size really is no different. You can, in fact, change the size of your enclosed trailer simply by choosing from the different heights available. The standard height of an enclosed trailer is approximately 6’ 3” but you can get 6’ 6”, 7’, 7’ 6”, and even 8’ tall interiors added to the height of your new trailer. If you’ve got tall, bulky, hard to maneuver gear, or just really appreciate a lot of headroom, adding height is a great way to expand the space within your trailer and is an easy add-on in the order process. 

There are other ways to add additional cargo capacity without changing the size of the trailer, however. If you choose to upgrade the axle, you can really ramp up the payload capacity in short order to haul heavier loads. There are also options like ladder racks which help you make greater use of the exterior of the trailer for tools and equipment. All of these customizations are things that our trailer pros can cover with you in more detail when we meet to discuss your needs. In the end, you can have an enclosed trailer, dump trailer, or utility trailer that’s the right size, with the right equipment to perfectly mary up with everything you need from it.

Getting the Perfect Trailer to Meet Your Needs, Period.

One of the hallmarks of Renown is that we are absolutely not into pushy sales. When you come in, we will take the time to get to know you and the wants and needs of your new trailer before recommending a single product. While it’s pretty rare with our huge selection of top-notch trailers, if we don’t have what you need, we will gladly send you to another dealership that can best suit what you have in mind. That’s the Renown difference. 

We treat every customer like a long-time friend and guarantee you’ll get our very best before, during, and especially after the sale. You can count on us to be there no matter what. Give us a try and come see why so many come in as customers and leave as friends. Contact our team and get a quote for your new enclosed trailer.

Food Trucks vs Food Trailers: The Great Mobile Food Debate

concession trailer & food trailer

In this corner we have food trucks, born as brick and mortar restaurants became more expensive to run and operate and entrepreneurial chefs took their creations wherever the hungry masses gathered. In the opposite corner, we have food trailers. By being towable, food trailers offer even greater customization in where, when, and how food operations can be deployed. 

In today’s enclosed trailer deep dive, we’ll be comparing the benefits of food trucks vs food trailers and weighing the costs to see which of these portable pantries reigns supreme.

What Defines a Food Truck?

Food trucks are typically a large boxy delivery-type van that has been converted into a mobile kitchen. The Ford Step Van model is a popular choice for UPS trucks and down the line as food trucks by many food truck owners. But buying a secondhand delivery van is risky business. Acting as delivery trucks in their past lives means they can have a lot of miles and years on their engine and parts. 

Now, conventional food trucks do offer a large, mobile kitchen that can be parked and the driver walks right back into the kitchen and gets to work. That spells a quick set-up for mobile cooking. Food trucks, therefore, can be defined as a kitchen that can move from place to place under its own power. However, food trucks can be as small as Tuk Tuks outfitted to be a mobile Chai stand in San Francisco to extra long Ford Step Vans furnished with a full commercial kitchen. If the place of cooking/preparation can transport itself to your desired location, you’ve got yourself a food truck.

What is a Food Truck Trailer?

The other side of the debate is the food trailer, concession trailer, food truck trailer, or any one of a dozen other ways to refer to a towable kitchen-on-wheels. A concession trailer is towed to its destination by a tow vehicle and then usually requires some set-up on site before you can begin operations. Once the tow vehicle is parked, it’s a good idea to employ stabilizers to eliminate swaying as you busily walk around the kitchen fulfilling orders. 

For the sake of our comparison, we’ll define a food truck trailer as an enclosed or semi-enclosed trailer that relies on a tow vehicle in order to be placed in the perfect location.

How Food Trucks and Food Truck Trailers Are Similar

Although food trucks and food trailers are coming at the same opportunity from different angles, there is a lot they still have in common. These commonalities help define what mobile food ordering can look like and have opened up the doors of culinary delights far beyond geographical limitations. 

A few similarities between food trucks and trailers to consider include:

  • Cheaper Start-Up Costs: Mobile food units, both trucks and trailers, are known for requiring less capital in order to get started than a brick and mortar restaurant. You aren’t having to go out and buy a commercial property and renovate it to make it into a successful venture, nor are you hiring a large staff to keep up with all the demands inherent to the restaurant business. 

That’s why a lot of chefs have fallen onto food trucks and food trailers as a way to focus more on what they’re actually passionate about instead of a more complex operation. This has sparked a “purist” movement of sorts, to move back to your roots as a chef and be less chained to the confines of your physical surroundings. Mobility stands as the biggest similarly defining characteristics of both food truck trailers and food trucks themselves. 

  • Power Needs: Both food trucks and food truck trailers will usually require on-site power which for most operations means a generator. Generators can be loud and put off fumes so consideration needs to be given to the type and location of the generator relative to the trailer or truck. Smart owners get quiet generators that can run a distance away from their kitchen so employees and guests aren’t gassed out by fumes. 
  • Mobile Advertising Units: Another similarity is that both food trucks and trailers provide a large advertising space on the side of the unit. Advertise your restaurant, coffee shop, mobile bar, or catering business with as much style and flair as you want to turn heads and get noticed. 

Whether you are considering a food truck or a food trailer really all boils down to your business plan. If you haven’t already gone through the process of creating one, a business plan is what’s going to help anticipate the costs, the foot traffic, breakeven, advertising, and other aspects of running your own mobile restaurant empire. Sitting down and going through the numbers will give you a far better appreciation for where one unit can give you an edge over the other.

Benefits of Food and Concessions Trailers

Okay, so we know that food trucks and food trailers offer a great way to get your grub on the go, but which is better for launching your nomadic culinary wares? Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of going with a food trailer that gets people excited about the gastro experience only your cuisine can deliver.


When you purchase a food trailer from Renown, you have an almost limitless amount of customization options based on all the different types of trailers available. You can black out a 7 x 16 trailer and add extra large serving windows for your brand of BBQ or make a 6 x 12 tandem axle the perfect mobile snow cone shop (trust us, we’ve helped past clients launch highly successful ones!). The point is, there are not many food truck trailer dealers out there so you’ll be left having to piece together these different elements yourself or can spend a small fortune at a custom shop. 

For ease of incorporating whatever customizations are desired, food trailers run supreme in our head-to-head comparison. From beefed up electrical and lighting to thicker skin to improve aesthetics and the protection level for all your equipment, you can outfit your food truck trailer exactly how you want it down to the individual screw.

Different Sizes

One of the most noticeable differences with food trailers is the sheer amount of selection you have of brand new, never used enclosed trailers in so many different sizes. Browsing used box trucks to make into a food truck and you are trying to fit your operations inside of someone else’s box. Conversely, with food trailers you get to find the perfect fit to meet your needs so you can get exactly as much as you need but don’t have to get more than that. This also presents an economical benefit by having the possibility of opting for a smaller size trailer when that’s what will work.


True, a food truck can get to its destination under its own power, but a food trailer is actually easier to transport and here’s why. If you go to an event with a food trailer, you can drop the trailer wherever it needs to go and then still retain your tow vehicle for whatever you need it for. Park the branded tow vehicle in a different location than the trailer for twice the amount of brand activation; leave your trailer to make a quick errand; or even drop the food trailer overnight if it’s a multi-day event. Having more options simply makes your life as a food truck trailer operator that much easier. 


Okay, down to the brass tax. Arguably the most sought after reason to go with a food truck trailer over a food truck comes down to cost. You can deck out a brand new trailer with all of the bells and whistles, have it financed, and delivered, and you’ll most likely still come out way under what getting a food truck retrofitted and ready to run will cost. 

In fact, according to a recent CNBC article, the total first-year costs for starting a food truck runs around $100,000 on average! While that’s far less than buying a physical piece of property and building out your own restaurant, that’s still a large threshold to consider when weighing whether a food truck or food trailer is right for your operations.

Outside of the initial cost is the cost of ownership. With a food truck, you’ll need to do everything required to keep a vehicle running. If it’s an older, used food truck, you may have a lot of different maintenance issues that will need to be addressed. While you do have ongoing maintenance with a food truck trailer, there’s no engine and minimal parts so the costs to maintain will be far less.

Ordering Your Own Custom Food Truck Trailer

Want to talk over what you have in mind with a trailer expert? Renown’s team is standing by to get you in the perfect food trailer to launch a successful venture. Contact us now to get started.

All About 8.5 x16 Enclosed Trailer Weights

8.5x28 enclosed trailer

The 8.5×16 enclosed trailer may undoubtedly be one of best selling trailers of all time. At 8.5 feet wide, you’ve got maximum room around your equipment and the 16 foot length is extremely accommodating without being too big to handle. The 8.5×16 is loved by professional landscape companies, contractors, race day haulers, and really anyone looking for an excellent combination of storage space and maneuverability. But have you ever given a second thought to how much weight affects nearly every facet of the trailer?

Today’s total trailer experience is taking you inside the exciting world of 8.5×16 enclosed trailer weights and measures. While it may not be the most glamorous part of trailer ownership, knowing all your trailer’s numbers is vital to safe and efficient operation.

How Much Does the 8.5×16 Enclosed Trailer Weigh?

Okay, let’s just get it out of the way up front with how much an 8.5×16 trailer weighs. The empty, or “curb”, weight of the 8.5×16 tandem axle is right around 2,800 pounds. The tongue weighs in at 420 pounds and the standard 3,500-drop leaf spring axles provide a payload capacity of approximately 4,200 pounds. Now, consider all of these numbers like a baseline because there are so many different factors which can affect what weight does to your trailer. We’ll look at a few of the more common variables having to do with weight which can dramatically affect how the trailer performs while underway.

How Weights Affect How Well Your Trailer Rides

The weight of your cargo affects everything from gas mileage to wear and tear on all the parts and components that make up the enclosed trailer itself. There’s a few factors you should be aware of as you begin hauling loads with a new 8.5 x 16:

  • Weight limits: every trailer and tow vehicle has weight limits that give you a threshold for safe operability. You should never, ever flirt with these thresholds as maxing out the trailer puts more stress on every component. Exceeding weight limits can be downright dangerous when components that aren’t rated for that level of stress begin to fail. 
  • Weight distribution: weight distribution is easily one of the most easily overlooked aspects of safe towing. A balanced load around the axle makes an enclosed trailer safer and more stable. Improperly distributed cargo can rob you off gas mileage, lead to increased wear and tear, and can make the trailer harder to maneuver, especially at speed and with turns. 
  • Weight laws: depending on what state you live in your Department of Transportation (DOT) may have different regulations for how to tow a trailer. You may have to stop at weigh stations, keep it under a certain Gross Combined Weight Rating (GCWR), and other rules specific to where you’re traveling through. Just like changing speed limits, make sure you are aware of the rules and regulations concerning trailer weights in your location.

Safe trailering helps prevent accidents and generally makes the roads safer as a whole, but it’s also how you’re going to get the most value out of your new 8.5×16. The investment you’re making in the trailer can produce the best value over the long haul when you take good care of the trailer and remember key cargo hauling factors like those outlined above.

Weight Ratings Every Trailer Owner Should Know

Weights can seem like a bunch of numbers, which they are, but luckily trailer and tow vehicle manufacturers test and retest their products to figure out safe thresholds. These thresholds are how weight ratings are determined for enclosed trailers. There’s a few truly crucial ratings every single entity hauling a cargo trailer needs to be aware of before they ever hitch up including:

  • Gross Combined Weight Rating: this is the total weight specified by the manufacturer for a fully loaded trailer plus a fully loaded tow vehicle. This is a really important figure for safe and legal driving. For instance, the Florida DOT states that the combined weight of your personal vehicle and the trailer cannot exceed 10,000 pounds or you will be expected to enter all of the weigh stations while driving on Florida’s state-maintained highways. 
  • Payload Capacity: every trailer manufacturer specifies a payload capacity for the trailer which is how much cargo the trailer can safely transport, with the assumption that the weight will be properly distributed around the axle. The 8.5×16 comes with a standard payload capacity of 4,200 pounds.
  • Max tongue weight: your tow vehicle’s manufacturer is going to specify the maximum tongue weight that your bumper-pull enclosed cargo trailer can have. Tongue weight is how much downward force that the tongue of the trailer is pushing onto the tow vehicle’s hitch. Exceeding this means extra stress on the tow vehicle that it wasn’t engineered to handle.

As a trailer owner who knows their numbers and sticks under safe limits you will be setting yourself up for long term success in your 8.5×16. Combined with a stout 5-year warranty that’s included or taking it up a notch with Renown’s ironclad 10-year add-on warranty you can purchase, and you are talking about a great long term investment in a powerhouse hauling machine.

Ways You Can Increase Payload Capacity in an Enclosed Trailer

Did you know your trailer can undergo its own strength training regimen and actually boost how much weight it can safely handle? Okay, it’s not actually a workout routine, but you can increase your payload capacity by upgrading the 8.5×16’s tandem axles. The trailer already comes with a pair of stout 3,500 pound drop leaf spring axles, but you can go up to 5,200 pound tandem axles or even 7,000 pound axles. You can also look to go with torsion axles which can help provide a less bumpy ride. With the 5,200 axles, you’re jacking up the payload capacity up to 7,600 pounds and the 7,000 axles max it out at an extra-beefy 11,200 pounds of payload capacity. 

These and other options are easy to add on when you’re shopping the 8.5×16 online, just scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the customizations you’d like to see on your new trailer.

Common Cargo Weights in Trailer Hauling

So how much do common cargo items weigh? What is common cargo? To give you an idea of how much your 8.5×16 trailer payload capacity can handle, consider these “common” categories of different cargo that our customers look to transport in their new trailers.

  • ATV weight: a 2021 Honda Rancher 420 has a curb weight of 676 pounds.
  • Motorcycle weight: a 2020 Harley Roadster has a curb weight of 571 pounds.
  • Zero turn mower weight: a John Deere Z530M weighs 780 pounds.
  • Classic car weight: a 1969 Mustang Mach 1 has a curb weight of 3,185 pounds.

Whenever you start considering an 8.5×16 tandem axle, you are generally in need of a larger trailer for larger loads. Whether that’s two zero turn mowers and a host of other equipment or a set of quads for taking out to the trails, you need to be cognizant of how much your cargo weighs and how that stands in relation to the manufacturers’ limits.

Customizations to Increase Storage Capacity Inside a Trailer

Having an 8.5×16 tandem axle enclosed trailer with all that payload capacity doesn’t get you far when you don’t have a good way to organize everything to load it up right. That’s where customization options can really help boost your overall storage capacity. Because you are being more efficient in your loading, you will be more likely to get more cargo in and on its way. 

One the best options for space saving ideas inside an enclosed trailer is to incorporate cabinets up front. The front nose is often underutilized, so mounting base and/or overhead cabinets here can give you a great place to store a bunch of different items in a really organized and accessible place. That frees up the rest of your trailer for more cargo. 

Another area to look at which is especially popular with our contractors, gutter companies, landscapers, painters, and others with ladders is a ladder rack up top. The ladder rack helps get your long parts and ladders up and out of the way with an easy rear access ladder for loading and unloading. 

Going Over All the Numbers with a Renown Trailer Expert

With everything we covered here, we know it can be a bit overwhelming to take in everything you need to know before you tow. That’s why Renown’s trailer experts are so good at what they do. They’ll take the time to go over each and every aspect of the towing operation—from how to properly hook up and detach the trailer, how to properly distribute loads, and all the important figures that the trailers’ manufacturer sets for safe operability. Contact our team today to talk specs.

What’s the Best Material for an Enclosed Cargo Trailer Interior?

enclosed cargo trailer interior

At Renown, we sell trailers that are made to provide the perfect blend of form and function for our customers. We do this by including a lot more in our standard packages than the average trailer dealer and also by having a whole host of different options available for any enclosed trailer we sell. Like any part of the trailer, the interior has its own long list of design considerations that can help make your life as a cargo hauler that much easier. 

In today’s enclosed trailer featurette, we’ll be looking at the best materials to deck out your enclosed cargo trailer’s interior with that perfect one-of-a-kind set up you’ve been dreaming of. To get even more in-depth on all things trailer interiors, check out our handy Enclosed Trailers Floors, Ceilings, and Walls Guide.

Working from the Floor Up

Your trailer floor is the epicenter of all your hauling operations and you have an almost endless combination of customizations that can make a beefier trailer floor into an absolute powerhouse. Look to go with a thicker wood flooring like a ¾” pressure treated plywood to kick things up a notch or even take it a step further with double ¾” plywood. Upgrading your floors is something you should definitely consider if you have particularly heavy loads like a big piece of machinery. 

You don’t have to sacrifice looks for sturdier construction either. Race trailers look sharp with black and white floor tile but there’s also built in resistance to corrosive liquids like gas and oil. The floor tile acts as a protective outer layer for the flooring beneath, contributing to a longer useful life. 

If you want to take it to tank-level protection, you can look at aluminum tread plate (ATP) or rubber tread plate (RTP). Not only does ATP or RTP look really sleek, they boost up the level of protection to the max. Especially consider adding this to your ramp door and transition flap when you’re driving heavy items on and off with any frequency. 

Ideas for Upgrading Walls Inside an Enclosed Trailer

As with floors, the walls have all kinds of additions that offer protection, functionality, and an enhanced level of construction all in one. You can increase the thickness of your trailer walls with a ¾” plywood that provides added protection from the elements and makes the trailer sturdier. You can also opt for a metal or vinyl wall to provide a very clean look while also giving you protection against all the dents, scrapes, and dings that are bound to happen. 

ATP is useful on your walls as you can add it over wheel wells or as runners along the lower part of the walls. Either way, you’re adding supreme protection and an anti-slip surface. If you’re trying to keep the temperature inside the trailer more moderated, you can even opt for insulated walls. 

Raise the Roof on an Enclosed Trailer

Figuratively and literally, you have abounding options for materials to finish off your enclosed trailer in style. On the literal side, you can actually increase your trailer height to accommodate larger/taller loads. Standard interior height is right about 6 foot, 3 inches but you can get 6’, 6”, 7’, 7’, 6”, on up to 8’. 

With the trailer ceiling itself, you can opt for things like protective sheathing to the trailer ceiling, insulate the ceiling, or add a variety of ceiling liners. Liners help increase durability while also adding beautiful aesthetics. Depending on the material choses, you’ll get a different benefit and a different style. 

Varieties of ceiling liners in enclosed trailers include:

  • White vinyl – white vinyl ceiling liner is affordable, sleek, easy to clean, and pumps up the protection factor. 
  • Luan – this beautiful wooden liner makes your enclosed trailer a showstopper. Whether you’re representing on race day or you’re welcoming a new client onboard a mobile pet grooming trailer, luan ceiling liners are the way to dramatically improve the look of the interior while adding a high level of protection.
  • Metal – metal ceiling liners are one of the toughest options out there and will offer superior protection. Metal also looks very clean and is a great addition for a car hauling trailer and other gearhead applications.

The interior of your trailer has a great many options that can be somewhat overwhelming. If you’d like to talk things over with a trailer pro, our team can help understand your situation and recommend a few different options to achieve the look and style you’re envisioning.

Lighting Inside an Enclosed Trailer

Lighting is super important for anyone who is working before or after the sun goes down. Even in mid day, getting inside your trailer can be a bit gloomy without lighting. That’s why we recommend the electrical package for anyone who is doing a lot of work inside the trailer or has some early morning and late nights. 

The electrical package does require a generator or electricity but you’re building in the ability to utilize that function anywhere. You’ll get a 60-amp rated panel box, two receptacles built in, a switch for controlling those, two 2’ LED lights, and a 25ft cord. You can also opt to add on additional receptacles, switches, lights, and more to outfit the lighting design exactly as you’d like it.

One of the most exciting aspects of going ahead and getting the electrical package is that it sets you up for being able to power an air conditioning and other creature comforts. We’ll hit on HVAC options inside your trailer next.

Heating and Air Conditioning in an Enclosed Trailer

If you are spending any length of time inside your trailer and it’s either blisteringly hot outside or cold enough to see your breath, the interior won’t be too far off. That is, unless you’ve set yourself up with the electrical package and then an AC unit. You can get a 13,500 BTU or a 15,000 BTU AC unit with a heat strip to heat or cool your trailer in no time. Whether it’s your mobile construction office or your car garage on wheels, having that ice cold AC when you need it makes for a much more pleasant experience.

For a less technological approach but one that’s still very effective, you can look to add air vents to allow air flow and keep the interior cooler. There are non-powered and powered roof vents, as well as plastic or aluminum side vents to maximize air circulation and cool things down.

Trailer Storage 101: How to Keep Everything Organized

Base or overhead cabinets are a must if you have a lot of loose gear in your trailer. This will change your life when it comes to organizing your tools and parts. For race trailers, construction trailers, toy haulers, and more the cabinets make a big difference and a great work area up front. You also should consider e-tracks along the floors and/or walls. Combined with D-rings, you’ll have a plethora of anchor points to make sure heavy loads don’t budge an inch while underway.

Options Packages Make it Easy to Get a Great Interior

We also make it super easy to get a trailer that’s been specially outfitted by our trailer team to marry up to a certain application. We have a variety of custom trailer packages that include all the options relevant to that endeavor. Current packages include options like:

  • Concession and Food Trailers – designed to function as a mobile kitchen, these trailers can be outfitted to your heart’s content with all the latest culinary gadgetry. We’ve helped entrepreneurial chefs launch successful ventures using trailers that are capable and get noticed.  
  • Race Car Trailers – we have helped everyone from NASCAR drivers to car show entrants put together the perfect trailer to haul their one-of-a-kind ride wherever it needs to go. Our race trailers are highly functional but made to turn heads and build your brand. 
  • Motorcycle Hauling Trailers – making sure your motorcycle is well secured, safe, secure, and also accessible is something of a speciality at Renown. We’ll help you put together all the electrical and storage options that can make your life hauling a motorcycle so much easier.
  • Construction Trailers – construction crews can benefit greatly from the considerations we’ve put into our contractor trailers. Storage, access, and additional layers of protection mean more efficient work sites. 
  • Mobile Office/Disaster Recovery Trailers – making sure you have a backup plan is a necessity more and more businesses are realizing these days. We help you outfit a mobile office that has everything you need to keep operations running even during a calamity. 

Talk Enclosed Cargo Trailer Interior Design With Our Pros

The point of this exercise is that you have so many options available to get exactly what you want and need out of your new enclosed cargo trailer. When you’re ready to talk about interior options, give our friendly sales team a call. We can walk you through your whole order, cover financing options, and can even arrange delivery.

7×16 Enclosed Trailer Weight Towing Guide

7x16ta enclosed trailer

Knowing everything there is to know about how towing cargo with a 7×16 trailer works starts with a seemingly pretty straightforward topic – trailer weight. There are a lot of different variables that go into safely hauling a fully-loaded 7×16 at highway speeds that are each affected by weight. This towing guide was designed to help trailer owners understand all the ins and outs of pulling a 7×16 enclosed trailer weighted with cargo. 

Key Measurements When Towing

Like a preflight checklist, there are some measurements you need to run down and stay within safe limits as set by either your vehicle or trailer’s manufacturer. These safe limits are found through extensive product testing, including tests that measure how much a component can withstand before failure. Product engineers then specify thresholds that keep everything within safe operating parameters. 

A few of the most important weights you need to know before you tow include:

  • Gross Combined Weight Rating (GCWR): your vehicle’s manufacturer will set this rating as the total weight that the loaded vehicle pulling a loaded trailer can handle. This is the sum total of the vehicle, occupants, cargo, trailer, and everything all in one. The GVWR is a critical threshold to never exceed. 
  • Empty Weight: also called “curb weight” this is the trailer’s weight all by itself without any cargo. An 7×16 enclosed trailer’s empty weight clocks in around 2,260 pounds.
  • Tongue Weight: this is the amount of weight that your trailer pushes down on your ball hitch. Whenever you are looking at tongue weight, you need to make sure you account for all the cargo you have. Our 7×16’s have a starting tongue weight around 339 pounds which you want to make sure your vehicle is equipped to handle. In general, the tongue weight threshold for safe operability will be around 10 to 15 percent of the weight of the empty trailer plus the weight of the cargo. Before hooking up, make sure to check out your vehicle’s max tongue load.
  • Payload Capacity: how much cargo each enclosed trailer can safely carry is the payload capacity. For a 7×16 with standard 3,500-lb axles, the payload capacity is right around 4,740 pounds. You always have the option to upgrade your axle weight to increase your trailer’s payload capacity.
  • Axle Weight: the axle weight of an enclosed trailer is how much weight each group of axles can handle. 7×16 trailers are tandem axles which means there’s two, 3500-pound drop leaf spring axles. A cool bonus included with our out-the-door 7×16’s is electric brakes on both axles. This really boosts the driveability and stopping power, especially when you have a loaded trailer. 
  • Tow Capacity: this is set by your vehicle’s manufacturer as the safe max that your vehicle can safely tow. If you don’t have it in front of you but know your truck’s curb weight and GCWR, you’re in luck. Just subtract curb weight from GCWR to get a close approximation for your vehicle’s towing capacity.

Even beyond these, there’ special considerations like trailer weight distribution hitches that each have their own safe operating parameters. Whenever you buy a trailer with Renown, our sales team is here to make sure that we help educate you on every element of safe towing so you feel absolutely comfortable from the moment you drive off the lot.

Upgrading Your 7×16 Enclosed Trailer Weight Rating

Did you know you can actually boost your 7×16’s payload capacity? We mentioned above that the 7×16 is a tandem axle with two 3500-pound rated drop leaf spring axles. Well, you can upgrade to a torsion axle to get less bounce and also increase the axle rating to either a 5,200 or even 7,000 pound-rated axle. 

Axle upgrades mean larger payloads which is why we also include larger tires and hubs to help accommodate extra-heavy cargo. The trailer bearings are running cooler which means they won’t be subjected to as much wear and tear. 

Why Weight Distribution Matters When Towing Enclosed Trailers

Safely hauling a 7×16 enclosed cargo trailer is all about balance. Properly distributed cargo is going to make the trailer more stable, handle easier, and reduce wear and tear on key components. You want to center heavy loads around your axles and keep in mind the axle weight ratings we mentioned above. Making sure your cargo is secure is a no-brainer and extra easy with the included mounted D-Rings throughout the 7×16. 

A trailer that isn’t loaded evenly can cause additional sway when underway and bounce which are dangerous conditions, especially at highway speeds. Moreover, the weight imbalance can be causing excessive wear on vital trailer components like tires and bearings. 

Know Your Local Laws Before Towing Enclosed Cargo Trailers

Renown’s 7×16 tandem axle enclosed trailers come right out the door fully loaded with a whole list of features that enhance the cargo hauling experience. These trailers are of the highest quality and built to last whether you drive all around town or clear across the country. But towing your trailer even in different local jurisdictions requires you to be cognizant of laws and requirements. One state may require trailer registration while another does not, weight limits, weigh stations, changing speed limits, limitations on parking, and other rules all differ depending on where you are. Make sure to follow all local laws and regulations concerning safe trailer towing, including abiding by safe weight limits.

Tips for Towing 7×16 Trailers Safely

While the physical act of towing may involve actually being underway, there are a number of crucial steps that need to be taken to make for a safer trip from A to B. The actual towing operation begins with the connection of the tow vehicle and only ends at the disconnect and storage of the 7×16. 

  • Connecting a 7×16: the first place you’ll start with your new 7×16 trailer is the connection point with your tow vehicle. Now that you’ve made sure your tow vehicle can handle the fully-loaded trailer, you can get down to hooking everything up. There’s an easy sand foot on the jack for lowering or raising the trailer even on loose terrain to the perfect height. Our 7×16’s come standard with a 2 5/16” coupler for a quick and easy connection to your tow vehicle’s ball hitch. The 7-way round bargman plug is one of the best in trailer wiring connections for a stable connection no matter how far you are towing. With the safety chains attached, you’ll be ready to begin loading up cargo. 
  • Loading up cargo: just throwing a bunch of equipment on the trailer and hoping for the best is not a great way to start a safe tow. Cargo should always be well distributed around the axle and never exceed any of the weight limits we covered above. When you have excessively tall cargo, increasing your 7×16 trailer height may be a customization you consider to make unloading and loading easier.
  • Safe driving habits: as with any vehicle on the road, you need to be practicing safe driving habits including obeying all speed limits, using your signal when changing lanes, and giving plenty of room to other vehicles. 
  • Unloading cargo: unloading cargo is made a lot safer and easier with a E-Z spring assist ramp door standard on the 7×16. There’s also a 16” flap that makes getting on and off even easier. If you have excessively heavy cargo, you can upgrade your ramp door to accommodate. The 36” RV style side door gives you a whole separate access point to safely get to gear stored towards the front. You can even add extra cargo doors for maximum accessibility.
  • Disconnecting a 7×16 trailer safely: trailer disconnect accidents can be deadly. The safest way to disconnect your enclosed trailer is to empty it first. If that’s not an option, you want to make sure the weight is properly distributed and not in excess towards the rear. With that done, you can begin winding down the sand jack to where the coupler raises off the ball. Then, disconnect the plug and safety chains to disengage your tow vehicle.

Talk 7×16 Trailer Weight With a Dedicated Trailer Pro

At Renown, we truly consider ourselves partners in helping you pull off a successful tow with your new 7×16 enclosed cargo trailer. We’ll take the time to go over every single inch of the trailer with you, including all the important weights and measures you should know before you tow. If you ever have questions down the way, our speciality is service after the sale and we’ll gladly help whenever you need us. 

You can contact us now to go over the details, visit us in person at our dealership in Douglas, or even buy a 7×16 trailer online and have it delivered. We believe in treating our customers so well that they leave calling us friends. That’s the Renown difference and that’s the level of service you’ll receive no matter which way you decide to get your new trailer.

How Much Does a 7×16 Enclosed Cargo Trailer Cost?

7x16 Enclosed Trailer

Ah, the age old question, how much does a 7×16 enclosed cargo trailer cost. Experts have been arguing this question for ages but have yet to come up with a solid answer. Today, our trailer pros are digging deep to uncover all of the costs of a 7×16 enclosed trailer to discover the true value of owning such a venerable towing machine. 

Here, we’ll look at purchase prices today’s consumers can expect, as well as other costs and fees that should be considered as part of trailer ownership.

Price of a New 7×16 Enclosed Cargo Trailer

Okay, so the first thing on everyone’s mind is just how much they’re going to pay for that beautiful new 7×16 enclosed trailer they’ve got all picked out. Whether that’s a 7×16 Blacked Out Edition or a 7×16 construction trailer, most have a good idea of what they want. As far as how much that costs, the truth is, it depends. Like most things in life, you have a lot of different options out there for enclosed cargo trailers and again, like most things, not all trailers are created equal. 

At Renown, we only work with manufacturers that we know and trust to build the highest quality trailers available. Sure, you can cut corners and get a bargain enclosed trailer but you most likely won’t get the longevity and usefulness that you’re looking for. Doing a general search for the price of a new 7×16, the price ranges from the low $4000’s all the way into the $10,000 mark. Our trailers are priced to be both competitive and affordable so our customers can always be sure they’re getting a great deal on a top-notch trailer.

Factoring in Customization Options

When it comes to enclosed trailer options these days, the sky may literally be the limit. From ladder racks for maximum accessibility and storage to raising the trailer height, you can outfit every inch of your new trailer to be exactly what you need and want. Now, obviously, adding on a bunch of customizations comes with a cost so you need to set a budget and stick with the most important add-ons for your situation. 

A few of our most popular options for enclosed trailers include:

  • Extending the trailer tongue to make the trailer more maneuverable.
  • Upgrading the enclosed trailer axle to accommodate larger loads.
  • Increasing the thickness of the aluminum skin to eliminate waves and add durability.
  • Adding storage cabinets inside the trailer.
  • Wrapping the trailer in ATP to protect the front, sides, fenders, interior, and/or ramp doors.
  • Adding an electrical package which includes new lights, new receptacles, and extension cords for keeping tools and equipment powered up.
  • Going with premium paint colors to give a professional look for easy brand activation.

This is where working with an experienced trailer professional can really pay off. Our sales team has a lot of experience hauling with enclosed cargo trailers and they’ll pass on what they’ve learned by helping you zero in on those options that will provide the most benefit for your unique set up. You can certainly buy an “off-the-shelf” 7 x 16 trailer from Renown that comes loaded with a full line-up of features designed to make your life hauling cargo easier but you also have so many different options available to make the trailer your own. 

How Much Warranties Cost for Enclosed Trailers

When you purchase a new enclosed trailer, you expect that it’s going to work and provide you with a useful utility for as long as possible. Even though we deal with some of the best trailer manufacturers in the industry, there are times when parts wear out or fail prematurely. That’s why each and every trailer we sell comes with a five-year warranty from the day you purchase it. This warranty helps provide peace of mind against anything that might pop up for your first few years. If you want to get even more protection, we also have the option to purchase an ironclad 10-year warranty that runs about $2 per month. 

It’s a good idea to make sure you know exactly what warranties are included with an enclosed cargo trailer and how they work before you move forward with a purchase. Unfortunately, some warranties out there are designed to be so cumbersome to owners that they are actually discouraged from going through a long and drawn out process. We don’t believe in ever pulling the wool over anyone’s eyes so include a warranty that’s actually easy to use and readily available whenever our customers need it. Do your research and factor in the cost and value you’re receiving with any warranty that’s included with your trailer. 

Estimating Maintenance Costs and Fees with Cargo Trailers

Something a lot of trailer owners forget to factor into the total cost of ownership is the maintenance and other fees that occur each year the trailer is owned. To get the best performance and longevity out of your trailer, you need to make sure you’re keeping up with maintenance. Making sure tires are inflated to the manufacturer’s specifications, keeping bearings greased, lubricating hinges, and maintaining a clean interior are all preventative maintenance tasks that need to be undertaken regularly. 

There’s also your state’s vehicle registration to consider. This fee varies significantly from state-to-state so make sure you factor in how much this will cost each year. Depending on your state authority, there may be discounts on registration fees when you purchase a two-year term.

Getting the Best Long Term Value From Your Trailer

If you start with a Renown 7×16 enclosed cargo trailer, you have the best value from the start. But continuing that long term value takes a few additional steps. First, outfit your trailer with the customizations that are going to make the best experience possible. You can get extras like E-tracks for securing cargo, upgraded LED for loading and unloading in the dead of night, or even increase the trailer height to accommodate larger equipment. The point is, make it your own with the additions that you’ll use all the time and be thankful for. 

Next, make sure you have the warranty in place that gives you peace of mind as a trailer owner. This will help provide protection for the long haul in the event any parts or components require service. You can even upgrade your warranty by purchasing an extended 10 year warranty. Lastly, make sure you know the insurance requirements, registration fees, and other costs associated with owning a trailer in your location. 

When you add up all of the costs and weigh them against the benefits received, you can figure out the return you can expect to receive for the investment you’ve made in your new 7×16 enclosed cargo trailer. Getting a solid return helps you get the best value possible over your life of ownership. 

What You Can Expect in Resale Value for Your Enclosed Trailer

While it’s true that Renown only sells the highest quality brand new enclosed trailers you can get, we would be remiss if we didn’t talk about the resale value of a used trailer. Obviously, there are some wide ranges when it comes to valuing a used trailer including the condition, year, location, and other economic factors. Even with a wide range of valuations for used enclosed trailers, there is an absolute disparity right now between supply and demand. There is an incredible demand for high-quality used trailers but the supply is very low. 

That means if you’re an enclosed trailer owner who has taken great care of the new 7×16 enclosed trailer they purchased a few years ago, they can expect top dollar for a used trailer they needed to sell. If you factor resale value into all of the costs of ownership, you’ll be left with an enclosed trailer that’s going to outperform the rest for the long haul.

Discovering What Makes Renown Different

When you want to have the best experience with your new 7×16 enclosed cargo trailer, it pays to start with one of the highest rated trailer dealerships in the Southeast. We don’t say that to brag but because we know what we offer and how we do business. Our entire philosophy centers around trailer buyers coming in as strangers and leaving as friends. We maintain the value you get from your trailer by being a dedicated partner every step of the way. That’s why we include a stout warranty with every trailer and offer a beefed up 10 year warranty for absolute peace of mind. 

Before, during, and especially after the sale we make sure that we are providing the level of support our clients deserve. We’ve worked hard to bring our entire offering online where you can shop 7×16 trailers, pick your options, get financing, and even schedule a delivery. If you’d rather come in and talk about your purchase in person, we’d love to meet with you at our dealership in beautiful Douglas, GA today.