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Shop 8.5 wide enclosed trailers. We are here to help you find the best trailer to fit your needs so give us a call or click on an enclosed trailer below. Choose from in stock models or have your new enclosed cargo trailer custom-built straight from the manufacturer.


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8.5 x 14 enclosed trailer

8.5×14 Enclosed Trailer

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8.5x16 enclosed trailer

8.5×16 Enclosed Trailer

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8.5 x 18 enclosed trailer

8.5×18 Enclosed Trailer

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8.5x20 enclosed trailer

8.5×20 Enclosed Trailer

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8.5x22 enclosed trailer

8.5×22 Enclosed Trailer

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8.5x24 enclosed trailer

8.5×24 Enclosed Trailer

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8.5 x 26 enclosed trailer

8.5×26 Enclosed Trailer

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8.5x28 enclosed trailer

8.5×28 Enclosed Trailer

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8.5x32 enclosed trailer

8.5×32 Enclosed Trailer

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8.5 Wide Trailer Resources & Helpful Information

Bottom line, absolutely. Renown prides itself on treating our customers how we’d want someone to treat our own family so offer fair and affordable pricing for our 8.5x16s and all the enclosed trailers we have for sale. Our motto is “come in as strangers and leave as friends” because we really do intend to make each sale that personal.

Our sales team will get to know your situation and can give you an honest assessment as to how the 8.5x16 will perform. After the sale, we make ourselves open and available for anything that comes up. With a beefy 5-year warranty and industry-leading customer service before, during, and after the sale, our customers know they’re buying something they can depend on.

Definitely. The 8.5x18 provides a ton of interior room for a larger landscape operation. You’ll easily fit in a zero turn mower and a spare walk-behind and still have plenty of room for racking blowers, edgers, and weed whackers on the wall.

Putting in cabinets up front can be a great option to consider to help store spare parts and keep things organized and efficient. The 8.5x18 enclosed trailers also come with a lot of standard features that will be useful in landscaping such as a heavy duty ramp door with E-Z spring assist and a 16” flap so your crew can keep getting everything on and off at each location with ease. 

Nope, Renown only carries brand new 8.5x20 enclosed cargo trailers for sale at our Douglas, GA dealership. We do have many different options for new trailers that may make more sense given the inflated prices of used cargo trailers these days.

Our 8.5x20 comes with tons of new features that simply didn’t exist just a few years ago which makes them nicer to own and provides excellent long-term value.

Renown carries some beautiful 8.5x24 enclosed trailers for sale that are made to haul heavy cargo long distances with ease. The 8.5x24 is a great enclosed trailer as a race trailer, toy hauler, mobile tool crib, or just about any other application where you need to take big loads exactly where they need to go.

At 24ft long, the 8.5x24 provides a ton of cargo room but is still going to be a little easier to maneuver than our three largest 8.5’ wide enclosed trailers.

The 8.5x28 tandem axle enclosed trailer has an empty weight (also known as “curb” weight) of right at 4,200 pounds. Knowing the empty weight is important because it will help you determine maximum weight limits with other areas like the trailer’s payload capacity and your tow vehicle’s gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR).

Exceeding safe trailer weight limits is unsafe and is going to put more wear and tear on the trailer’s components bearing the load. 

Definitely. We only sell top-tier trailers from manufacturers whom we know to put the same level of care and attention into what they do as we do. The 8.5x32 can carry a ton of cargo inside a safe and secure package. With a 5-year warranty included, you can be sure this trailer will keep working hard for years to come.

Depending on the trailer size you select, payload capacities are as follows:

  • 8.5x16 enclosed trailer: 4200 pounds (3,500 pound axle) 
  • 8.5x18 enclosed trailer: 4,000 pounds (3,500 pound axle)
  • 8.5x20 enclosed trailer: 3,800 pounds (3,500 pound axle)
  • 8.5x24 enclosed trailer: 3,400 pounds (3,500 pound axle)
  • 8.5x28 enclosed trailer: 6,400 pounds (5,000 pound axle)
  • 8.5x32 enclosed trailer: 5,800 pounds (5,000 pound axle)

An 8.5x16 enclosed trailer weighs 2,800 pounds empty.

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