Renown Appears on World’s Greatest Episode 315

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Global transport and logistics is a big part of World’s Greatest episodes which is why we were ecstatic when the show’s producers reached out to have our team featured on the latest episode. As the largest trailer dealer in the nation and stocking trailers from five different manufacturers, our team was proud to get a chance to talk about what makes Renown so different. 

We’ll give you a behind-the-scenes peek into the episode and the reasons behind why our trailer dealership was chosen to be featured on World’s Greatest.

About World’s Greatest 

World’s Greatest is produced by award-winning researchers at How2Media Productions, which is headquartered in beautiful Boynton Beach, FL. The national TV show is in its 15 season currently with a corner on what they call “edutainment” i.e. being educational and entertaining at the same time. World’s Greatest features behind-the-scenes footage and interviews with amazing and unique companies, products, people, and destinations around the world. 

World’s Greatest episodes often provide inside looks into the companies behind some of the most popular products in the world including Anheuser Busch, Proctor and Gamble, 3M, and Dollar General—just to name a small few! The industries they highlight really do span the gamut from automotive and construction to logistics and sporting goods. If it’s a company uniquely building their own success within a given industry, you can bet they’re on World’s Greatest’s radar.

Episode 315 Was All About Companies Getting Things Done

World’s Greatest episode 315 is loaded with top tier companies across the U.S. From leading restaurant supply groups to award-winning elder home care companies, it’s a stacked deck of businesses absolutely rocking their given industries. When our turn came up, our CEO Lane Morgan was excited to get to talk about what we love doing—selling trailers. When asked what made Renown so different Lane was quick to turn the spotlight onto our fantastic team which makes everything we do and the success we share possible. 

Lane was also asked about opportunities in the industry and explained that custom trailers are very much sought after and especially within the specialization of the mobile pet grooming industry. We came together as a team, talked with pet groomers and came up with our own design that’s been tailored just for mobile pet grooming. In the episode, Lane also goes on to cover the multitude of other custom trailers we provide including concession trailers, race car trailers, landscape trailers, and more. 

Concession trailers and mobile kitchens are another hot item as more and more chefs choose to break free from the brick and mortar. At Renown, we can put up interior walls, sinks, water, hood vents, a propane package—really anything you find in an industrial kitchen our team can place inside of a trailer. The episode centered around what makes unique companies so special and the level of customization Renown provides is a key differentiator.

The Renown Difference

If you’ve gone through the episode, then you know that Renown gives credit where credit is due for our success. Number one, as a faith-based company we do all of our work in a way that honors our beliefs. We have found that following biblical principles like treating everyone with respect, treating others how we would want to be treated, and living our lives in a way that honors God translates into a trailer buying experience like no other. People come in to our dealers as strangers and leave as lifelong friends simply because of how they are treated before, during, and after the sale. 

A few of the areas you may have heard Lane key in on during the episode for what makes us so unique include:


“God has surrounded me with a bunch of champions”, says Lane. Our team is highly experienced in the trailer industry and are able to recommend the perfect solution for hauling cargo. As an authorized dealer for so many top-tier enclosed trailers, we are able to marry up needs and budget with the perfect trailer to get the job done for our customers. 


Open communication with customers is paramount to our success. We completely understand that buying a trailer is a significant investment and that most of us want to be comfortable with who we’re investing with before we make a purchasing decision. Our team takes that trust seriously and works hard to maintain clear, honest, and open communication with our customers before, during, and especially after the sale.


As we’ve talked about, one of the things that really sets our dealer apart lies in our ability to customize trailers with all the latest innovations that make a good trailer a truly great one. Our customers come in with an idea and we love taking that idea and running with it to create a one-of-a-kind solution that perfectly meets the needs of our customer. 

Instead of having a generic trailer that you learn to work around something, this trailer has been set-up specifically to meet your unique challenges, which can help it provide so much more long term value and simply a better experience hauling whatever cargo is desired. From AC and electric packages, to blacked out trailers and ladder racks, the sheer level of customization options available truly sets our dealership apart.

Fastest Build Times

Being really skilled at providing custom set-ups for trailers wouldn’t mean a lot if it took us forever to deliver. That’s where another way we exceed customer expectations lies with our incredibly fast build times. We take custom orders and turn them into reality in our massive, state-of-the-art facilities right in the heart of the state of Georgia here in Douglas. However, with the ability to deliver nationwide, we’ve been able to share our fantastic products and exceptional service experience with customers across the U.S.

Nationwide Warranty 

Another interesting aspect Lane covered was with our nationwide warranty program. Our trailers come with a tough-as-nails 5-year factory warranty and we even offer the ability to purchase a really affordable extended 10-year warranty, but what makes this so unique is just how easy it is to use it. 

We get that our trailers were made to move and provide critical logistics for getting cargo from A to B. Other warranties can restrict you to having to bring in the trailer to the dealership you bought it from when something comes up but ours lets you go anywhere in the nation. Find a service center near you, get an estimate, and send it over to Renown for approval. 

We pride ourselves on fast turnarounds and strive to get you back on the road in 24 hours or less. Sticking behind our products and our customers even years after they’ve purchased their trailer is just one more way that we make buying trailers that much nicer with Renown.

Change for Good

Last up for why we were featured on World’s Greatest for doing things differently goes back to who we are as a company. We are unabashedly a faith-based company which means we give all the glory to God for our blessings and abilities. We feel God has profoundly changed our lives and that permeates every aspect of our business. 

It’s a change that people notice and results in our customers being treated totally differently than maybe what they’re used to. We want to be a positive change in people’s lives for what we get to do here every day. When your entire company is all working to outdo one another in kindness, good deeds, gentleness, and humility, it makes for a powerful force multiplier for good.

Highest Rated Trailer Dealership in Georgia

If you look at search engine reviews of different trailer dealerships, you’ll see that Renown is one of the highest rated not just in Georgia, but nationwide, from hundreds of customers. For all of the reasons we’ve highlighted above we are both proud and humble that so many of our customers took the time to share why their experience was so positive. While we’d never say trust internet reviews alone, if you take a minute to check us out and see what people are saying you’ll get a better idea of what makes our process so unique. 

Ready for a Whole New Way to Buy Open and Enclosed Trailers?

Whether you need an 6×12 enclosed trailer with ladder racks for your plumbing company or want a 7×16 tandem axle for hauling ATVs out to your favorite trail, we undoubtedly have the perfect solution. The best part is whatever trailer you need, you can have it built out to meet your needs and make it so much nicer when hauling what you need. 

Browse all of the options we have for enclosed cargo trailers and open utility trailers. These are best-in-class trailers that are made with American quality and durability throughout every inch. To make it as easy as possible, you can find the perfect trailer, select your options, get financed, and even have your trailer delivered all from our site. 

Food Trucks vs Food Trailers: The Great Mobile Food Debate

concession trailer & food trailer

In this corner we have food trucks, born as brick and mortar restaurants became more expensive to run and operate and entrepreneurial chefs took their creations wherever the hungry masses gathered. In the opposite corner, we have food trailers. By being towable, food trailers offer even greater customization in where, when, and how food operations can be deployed. 

In today’s enclosed trailer deep dive, we’ll be comparing the benefits of food trucks vs food trailers and weighing the costs to see which of these portable pantries reigns supreme.

What Defines a Food Truck?

Food trucks are typically a large boxy delivery-type van that has been converted into a mobile kitchen. The Ford Step Van model is a popular choice for UPS trucks and down the line as food trucks by many food truck owners. But buying a secondhand delivery van is risky business. Acting as delivery trucks in their past lives means they can have a lot of miles and years on their engine and parts. 

Now, conventional food trucks do offer a large, mobile kitchen that can be parked and the driver walks right back into the kitchen and gets to work. That spells a quick set-up for mobile cooking. Food trucks, therefore, can be defined as a kitchen that can move from place to place under its own power. However, food trucks can be as small as Tuk Tuks outfitted to be a mobile Chai stand in San Francisco to extra long Ford Step Vans furnished with a full commercial kitchen. If the place of cooking/preparation can transport itself to your desired location, you’ve got yourself a food truck.

What is a Food Truck Trailer?

The other side of the debate is the food trailer, concession trailer, food truck trailer, or any one of a dozen other ways to refer to a towable kitchen-on-wheels. A concession trailer is towed to its destination by a tow vehicle and then usually requires some set-up on site before you can begin operations. Once the tow vehicle is parked, it’s a good idea to employ stabilizers to eliminate swaying as you busily walk around the kitchen fulfilling orders. 

For the sake of our comparison, we’ll define a food truck trailer as an enclosed or semi-enclosed trailer that relies on a tow vehicle in order to be placed in the perfect location.

How Food Trucks and Food Truck Trailers Are Similar

Although food trucks and food trailers are coming at the same opportunity from different angles, there is a lot they still have in common. These commonalities help define what mobile food ordering can look like and have opened up the doors of culinary delights far beyond geographical limitations. 

A few similarities between food trucks and trailers to consider include:

  • Cheaper Start-Up Costs: Mobile food units, both trucks and trailers, are known for requiring less capital in order to get started than a brick and mortar restaurant. You aren’t having to go out and buy a commercial property and renovate it to make it into a successful venture, nor are you hiring a large staff to keep up with all the demands inherent to the restaurant business. 

That’s why a lot of chefs have fallen onto food trucks and food trailers as a way to focus more on what they’re actually passionate about instead of a more complex operation. This has sparked a “purist” movement of sorts, to move back to your roots as a chef and be less chained to the confines of your physical surroundings. Mobility stands as the biggest similarly defining characteristics of both food truck trailers and food trucks themselves. 

  • Power Needs: Both food trucks and food truck trailers will usually require on-site power which for most operations means a generator. Generators can be loud and put off fumes so consideration needs to be given to the type and location of the generator relative to the trailer or truck. Smart owners get quiet generators that can run a distance away from their kitchen so employees and guests aren’t gassed out by fumes. 
  • Mobile Advertising Units: Another similarity is that both food trucks and trailers provide a large advertising space on the side of the unit. Advertise your restaurant, coffee shop, mobile bar, or catering business with as much style and flair as you want to turn heads and get noticed. 

Whether you are considering a food truck or a food trailer really all boils down to your business plan. If you haven’t already gone through the process of creating one, a business plan is what’s going to help anticipate the costs, the foot traffic, breakeven, advertising, and other aspects of running your own mobile restaurant empire. Sitting down and going through the numbers will give you a far better appreciation for where one unit can give you an edge over the other.

Benefits of Food and Concessions Trailers

Okay, so we know that food trucks and food trailers offer a great way to get your grub on the go, but which is better for launching your nomadic culinary wares? Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of going with a food trailer that gets people excited about the gastro experience only your cuisine can deliver.


When you purchase a food trailer from Renown, you have an almost limitless amount of customization options based on all the different types of trailers available. You can black out a 7 x 16 trailer and add extra large serving windows for your brand of BBQ or make a 6 x 12 tandem axle the perfect mobile snow cone shop (trust us, we’ve helped past clients launch highly successful ones!). The point is, there are not many food truck trailer dealers out there so you’ll be left having to piece together these different elements yourself or can spend a small fortune at a custom shop. 

For ease of incorporating whatever customizations are desired, food trailers run supreme in our head-to-head comparison. From beefed up electrical and lighting to thicker skin to improve aesthetics and the protection level for all your equipment, you can outfit your food truck trailer exactly how you want it down to the individual screw.

Different Sizes

One of the most noticeable differences with food trailers is the sheer amount of selection you have of brand new, never used enclosed trailers in so many different sizes. Browsing used box trucks to make into a food truck and you are trying to fit your operations inside of someone else’s box. Conversely, with food trailers you get to find the perfect fit to meet your needs so you can get exactly as much as you need but don’t have to get more than that. This also presents an economical benefit by having the possibility of opting for a smaller size trailer when that’s what will work.


True, a food truck can get to its destination under its own power, but a food trailer is actually easier to transport and here’s why. If you go to an event with a food trailer, you can drop the trailer wherever it needs to go and then still retain your tow vehicle for whatever you need it for. Park the branded tow vehicle in a different location than the trailer for twice the amount of brand activation; leave your trailer to make a quick errand; or even drop the food trailer overnight if it’s a multi-day event. Having more options simply makes your life as a food truck trailer operator that much easier. 


Okay, down to the brass tax. Arguably the most sought after reason to go with a food truck trailer over a food truck comes down to cost. You can deck out a brand new trailer with all of the bells and whistles, have it financed, and delivered, and you’ll most likely still come out way under what getting a food truck retrofitted and ready to run will cost. 

In fact, according to a recent CNBC article, the total first-year costs for starting a food truck runs around $100,000 on average! While that’s far less than buying a physical piece of property and building out your own restaurant, that’s still a large threshold to consider when weighing whether a food truck or food trailer is right for your operations.

Outside of the initial cost is the cost of ownership. With a food truck, you’ll need to do everything required to keep a vehicle running. If it’s an older, used food truck, you may have a lot of different maintenance issues that will need to be addressed. While you do have ongoing maintenance with a food truck trailer, there’s no engine and minimal parts so the costs to maintain will be far less.

Ordering Your Own Custom Food Truck Trailer

Want to talk over what you have in mind with a trailer expert? Renown’s team is standing by to get you in the perfect food trailer to launch a successful venture. Contact us now to get started.

Enclosed Snowmobile Trailer: How to Get the Best Deal

race car trailer

There is nothing quite like hitting some fresh powder with the roar of a snowmobile under you as you zip through the winter wonderland. But getting to and from your winter zen spot is going to take a high quality enclosed snowmobile trailer. 

Today, we’ll look at getting a great deal on top trailers outfitted just for transporting your prized snowmachine anywhere you want to go this season.

What Makes A Good Enclosed Snowmobile Trailer?

Snowmobile trailers play a key role in your snowbound recreation. Whether you’re going to your favorite spot across town or across the country, an enclosed snowmobile trailer has the ability to make both the trip and the destination a lot more enjoyable. That’s because today’s top manufacturers are breaking out all the stops on new models. You’ll find features like extremely rugged aluminum skins, durable framework, ultimate accessibility, lighting, and more—all to simply create a better tow-and-go experience. 

First off, a top-of-the-line snowmachine trailer should definitely be able to provide you with a safe and smooth tow to and from deep snow. Safe towing is essential to the operation so this is pretty much a given. A trailer not outfitted specifically for hauling heavy snowmobiles can be dangerous and hard to handle on the road. 

Next, extra features like E-tracks in the flooring or walls are going to make sure that the machines don’t shift an inch while underway—making for a much safer and smoother ride. It’s the combination of superior construction and smart options that are really setting apart quality snowmobile trailers today versus a generic trailer that you have to work hard to make fit the situation. 

Starting the Buying Process 

Okay, so you know that you’re definitely ready to start looking at enclosed snowmobile trailers, but where do you actually begin? There are a few steps you can take to help you narrow down the perfect trailer for your next expedition. 

  1. How Much Weight Are You Towing?

This is one of the most fundamental aspects of towing. Looking at the weight of everything you need to carry is the compass bearing for everything you need to find the trailers that will accommodate your load. First, be sure to know what your vehicle’s towing capacity is. From there, take a tally of the snowmobile(s) that you’re planning to carry, along with the extra gear, fuel, and other necessities. Snow machines can easily push 500 pounds a piece up. So, if you have three Ski-Doo Backcountrys, helmets, gas, and spare parts, you could easily be needing to tow in excess of 2,000 pounds. A good tandem axle enclosed snowmobile trailer will be able to handle a well-distributed load with ease. 

  1. How Big Are Your Snowmobiles & Gear?

Right along the same vein of weight, is actual dimensions. As part of your trailer buying decision should be to measure out your gear and see how much space you’ll need. Snowmobiles run the gamut in sizing but typically fall between 9 and 11 feet long. They are also about 3 to 4 feet wide, which means they take up a lot of floor space by themselves. Do a sort of mock-up of how you’ll park the snow machines, along with the gear you’ll need. A lot of riders find the overhead cabinets really help with gear storage so you may need to factor something like that in as well. Overall, you want the trailer to be extremely accessible and easy to get in and out of. Making sure your trailer is wide enough and long enough will ensure loading and unloading is a breeze.

  1. What Kind of Trailering Are You Doing?

The new enclosed snowmobile trailer you’re looking at needs to be able to accommodate the full load out of gear and equipment you have in mind plus get you there. Our longer tandem trailers on up to goosenecks will provide the absolute biggest payload capacities to carry large loads long distances. If you have the mountain summits you want to conquer within a shorter distance, then you can probably get by with a shorter trailer as these are more maneuverable, especially backing up and around town. Consider your present and future needs to hone in on a trailer that provides the best usefulness for that set up.

Once you’ve narrowed down your options, it’s a lot easier to see which snowmobile trailers could make the most sense for your towing needs. After all, buying an enclosed snowmobile trailer is an investment and this investment should produce the greatest return possible, over the longest time horizon. This mindset helps maximize what you put into the trailer and will simply lead to a much more positive experience over the life of trailer ownership.

Don’t Forget Options That Can Make Your Life SO Much Easier

One thing we find that a lot of our customers don’t remember to include in their trailer purchase decision is the sheer amount of custom options that await them. We’ve spent many years finding the best add-ons to really make your life easier throughout the trip. With snowmobile trailers, there are some common customizations options you may want to consider with your next purchase.

  • Storage – this is right up front because it’s that crucial. We can add overhead or side cabinets to give you all the space you need for extra gear and parts. With storage, you can also add E-tracks and/or D-rings throughout the trailer to make sure all your gear is cinched down tight.
  • Lighting – adding dual LED tail lights, backup lights, and/or strip lights can help make night day which is a very handy thing to have at the end of a long run when you’re loading up. 
  • Electric Package – this provides a 60 amp panel box, two receptacles, one switch, 2 LED lights, and a 25 ft cord. The electrical package flat out makes sense when you have lights and tools that require power. You can hook up your generator with a safe and secure frame out on the trailer tongue which then makes your whole trailer a literal powerhouse. If down the road, you want to look at installing an AC unit with heat you’ll be ready to rock and roll.

Options like these can really make the trailering portion of your journey a big reason why the trip is so enjoyable. Heating units, custom paint colors, and too many extras to list are all available to help you build out the absolute perfect hauling machine for your next snowmobiling adventure.

Considering Financing Options

Finding the snowmobile trailer that’s perfect for you doesn’t have to come to a screeching halt when you think about how to pay for it. We’ve put together several different financing options from solid and reputable trailer financing companies who we know use just as much integrity in their day-to-day as we strive to. This can help you get the trailer you love today and then make manageable, monthly payments that work with your budget. There are financing options for pretty much every scenario so don’t be fearful about applying if you have new or bad credit. If you have any questions, just reach out, we’d be happy to walk you through the process. 

How to Buy a New Enclosed Snowmobile Trailer 

So here we are at the finish line. You’ve found the perfect-sized trailer to meet your needs. You’ve outfitted it with every option you can think of to make it perfect for your unique set up and you’ve secured financing to pay for it. Now what? A really cool aspect of Renown trailers is that you can do all of these things completely online, then go ahead and check out and schedule a delivery. We work with the best of the best in trailer transport so your brand new snowmobile trailer will arrive in absolutely pristine condition wherever you’d like it to be dropped off. Of course, if you’d like to come down to our dealership in beautiful Douglas, GA, we’d love to meet you and show you around. 

What Makes Renown Different

“Come in as customers, leave as friends”. That’s something we say that pretty much sums up our philosophy at Renown. We want you to be so overwhelmed with your experience that you consider our team a resource for life. At Renown, you may have noticed we do things a bit differently. This starts with our commitment to glorify God in everything we do. Our faith is lived out by treating our customers exactly how we’d want to be treated. We’ll get you a great deal on the perfect trailer and consider your purchase a promise. Sure, we back up our trailers with beefy 5-year warranties but if you ever have an issue, we’ll be right there to make things right because we believe that’s the right thing to do. 
Ready for a whole new trailer buying experience? Start your enclosed trailer order today to see why so many customers continue using us for life.

Choosing The Best Enclosed Living Quarters Trailer

living quarters trailer

Having your cargo comfortably stowed beside you in your enclosed living quarters trailer is a great way to get the best of two worlds. These versatile trailers provide everything you need to take whatever toys or cargo you wish with you as you stay high, dry, and cozy throughout the journey in your attached abode-on-wheels. 

In today’s enclosed trailer deep dive, we’re pulling out all the stops to help you choose the best enclosed living quarters trailer for your unique situation.

What is an Enclosed Living Quarters Trailer?

Enclosed living quarters trailers are known by many names—car hauler with living quarters, race car trailer with living quarters, and so on. These amalgamations of both living space and cargo storage within the same enclosed trailer are relatively new on the scene so you may not be as familiar with everything they have to offer.

Enclosed living quarters trailers come in all shapes and sizes and can be customized according to the individual needs of the buyer. However a few of the common features you’ll see on an enclosed living quarters trailers include:

  • Two separate areas for a garage/cargo area and living quarters.
  • Separation includes vapor barriers for safety and comfort. 
  • Living areas generally have convertible furniture such as tables and couches that turn into beds.
  • Living areas usually also have basic amenities such as a bathroom and small kitchen.

It’s important to note that enclosed living quarters trailers are a big step up from the average toy hauler. These trailers are far more akin to a race car trailer that’s made just for hauling vehicles. The added bonus is that the race car trailer with living quarters means you have the best trailer for hauling cars in addition to a nice living area. Conversely, toy haulers tend to emphasize a really nice living area with a small cargo area attached. 

Find the Right Trailer for Your Set-Up

Getting in the perfect trailer is so much easier when you do a little homework to narrow down your choices. We’ll cover the most important considerations to ponder as you peruse your enclosed living quarters trailer options.

Know Your Numbers

Weight Limits: Anyone hauling an enclosed cargo trailer needs to be well aware of the limits set by the manufacturer of both the trailer and the vehicle. Some common thresholds to know and understand are payload size, trailer tongue weight, and gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR). These limits are in place to help determine how much can be safely carried from A to B and should never be ignored. 

Dimensions: You’ll also need to have a good idea of the weight and dimensions of your intended cargo. Say you have a prized 1967 Ford Mustang that you love hauling to car shows. With a standard width of a little under 6 feet and a length around 15 feet, your baby would need at least 7 x 16 in the trailer portion with another 10 to 12 feet up front for the living quarters. All things considered, in this situation an 8.5 x 32 living quarters trailer would probably be a safe bet. 

Keep in mind, in a race car trailer with living quarters you will probably need some space in the garage for tool and part storage, which can increase how much trailer you’ll need to haul everything comfortably.

Think About Driving Habits

Getting an idea for size requirements is going to narrow your choices for a new car hauler with living quarters but you should also give thought to where and how you envision driving. If you intend to carry big loads long distances, a gooseneck may be your best option as it provides the most stability and has a large payload capacity. If you can get away with hauling a smaller trailer, you’ll find it’s easier to maneuver around turns and back up in—useful traits when you’re getting in and out of busy car shows. 

The bottom line is you should know what you need and then you should think about what you want. After all, a trailer is an investment in utility and you want your investment to produce a valuable return by providing useful service for years to come. 

Consider the End Goal

Along the lines of where you want to go and how you’ll get there is thinking about what you want your experience to be when you get to your intended destination. Race car trailers with living quarters are going to provide you with a great way to get you and your car to the big race. Outside of the event, you’ll need to use your garage to do any necessary work on the vehicle, as well as have a comfortable place to crash.

How many people do you plan on taking? What kind of parts and tools do you need to bring? Answering questions like these will give you a better feel for how a particular trailer will live up to your expectations. If you ever have questions about how one trailer may rate over another, you can always call our trailer pros who will be happy to lend you their many years’ of experience. 

Best Uses for Enclosed Living Quarters Trailers

When searching for a car hauler with living quarters, you pretty much have your mind set on what you need this trailer to do. But these trailers offer incredible diversity for all the different applications where they can prove especially useful. 

Applications you may have never considered for include the following and more:

  • Concession and food trailers – outfit the back half of the trailer for serving food while the front half is your well-appointed break room/bunk room. Especially useful for multi-day venues. 
  • Construction trailers – for any construction manager, imagine having a secure cargo area to store tools and supplies in addition to a whole separate space for down time or as your on-site, mobile office. 
  • Disaster recovery/mobile office – on that vein, businesses could carry a load of crucial equipment, files, or other needed items in the cargo area, while the front could be utilized as an office environment.
  • Pet grooming trailer – if you are traveling to trade shows often, you can load up all your important equipment in the rear storage while having a comfortable place to sleep and/or a space to meet with prospective vendors and clients up front.

Really, the possibilities are endless for how you could use this multifaceted enclosed trailer. Thinking of your own situation, what are some of the ways you could benefit by having two separate utilities within one trailer?

Choosing Different Options to Incorporate 

There are so many different customization options that you can add to your Renown trailer to make it the absolutely perfect set-up for your unique needs. 

Add Height – did you know you can add more height to the trailer itself? This raises the height inside the cargo area and the living quarters to provide a more comfortable space, as well as accommodate taller equipment. 

Axle Upgrade – almost all enclosed living quarters trailers will have dual axles which you have the option to upgrade in order to accommodate even more weight. You can also choose between spring or torsion axles depending on your needs.

Choosing Colors – when it comes to a race car trailer with living quarters, you’ll want to show up to the track representing your race team in style. Renown has you covered with an array of color options and premium upgrades to make your trailer turn heads at your next event.

Aluminum Side Upgrade – you can increase the thickness of the aluminum skin enclosing the trailer to improve stability, durability, and aesthetics. With such important cargo, thicker skin can be a no-brainer.

Interior Options – as you put together the inside of your trailer, the choices absolutely abound. You can upgrade the floors, walls, and ceiling with tough components made specifically for race car trailers. Options like black and white floor tile and overhead cabinets in front can really set up a car hauler with living quarters.

Complete Option Packages – don’t know which options to choose? No problem, options like the Race Package come with all the most-popular race trailer add-ons already included.

Order an Enclosed Living Quarters Trailer Online

At Renown, we are all about getting you in the perfect trailer to meet your needs, now and tomorrow. We stand behind our trailers 100% and include a 5-year warranty right out the door. You can even purchase an extended trailer warranty for pennies on the dollar for absolute peace of mind. You’ll come to find we sell trailers a little differently, which is probably why so many come in as customers and leave as friends for life. 

Come pay us a visit and check out our enclosed living quarters trailers in person at our dealership in Douglas, GA or you can complete your entire purchase online through our site. For a little extra, you can even have your trailer delivered right to your door. 

Weight Distribution Hitch Guide | How Does it Work?

8.5 x 18 enclosed trailer

If you’ve been around enclosed cargo trailers enough, you will have experienced or seen that terrible moment when back and forth sway occurs on the roadway. A weight distribution hitch is an incredibly useful tool for trailer owners to employ to help combat the dreaded “trailer sway” that can occur at high speeds. 

In this issue of our enclosed trailer guide series, our trailer pros are laying out all the ins and outs of a weight distribution hitch and covering why these safety devices are essential for anyone hauling heavy cargo.

How Does A Weight Distribution Hitch Work?

Anyone hauling enclosed cargo trailers can tell you that proper weight distribution is a must. Especially with heavy cargo, having an unbalanced load can mean less control, more wear and tear on specific components, and can even lead to an accident. Balancing the load around the axle is key. 

A weight distribution hitch acts under that same principle as loading up your cargo in an evenly distributed way. When a trailer hitch is connected to the tow vehicle, there’s a lot of weight on the center, at the point of connection. So instead of all this weight hitting dead center on a standard hitch, a weight distribution hitch is going to take the stress and distribute it evenly throughout the plane of connection between the tow vehicle and trailer. This results in less stress at the rear of the vehicle and conversely at the front of the trailer. 

A Closer Look at the Mechanics

Also known as a load-equalizing hitch, a weight distribution hitch relies on adjustable spring bars and the physics of tension in order to create a uniformly distributed weight throughout the enclosed trailer up to the tow vehicle’s axles. 

You’ll see three main components inside of a weight distribution hitch that provides the inherent benefits of the system. These include the ball mount, the hitch receiver, and the spring bars.

All of these clever design mechanics of a weight distribution hitch simply make it safer and more efficient to haul heavy cargo wherever it needs to go. 

Benefits Weight Distribution Hitches Provide Trailer Owners

At their core, weight distribution hitches rely on providing balance between two key trailer measurements every owner should be very familiar with in the gross weight of the trailer combined with that of the cargo, as well as the tongue weight rating. When these two figures are imbalanced in either direction, the trailer hitch can sink, raise, or cause sway. 

We already know that an imbalanced trailer can be very dangerous so in walks a weight distribution hitch to make sure the trailer is in zen-like balance with the tow vehicle at all times. 

The key benefits to employing a hitch with weight distribution are many, including:

  • Evenly distributed weight – okay, so this one is a given but it’s absolutely crucial to the mission of a weight distribution hitch. This dramatically helps reduce motion up and down.
  • Drastically reduces swaying tendencies – with a trailer that’s been loaded properly and that has a weight distribution hitch, occurrences of that terrible back and forth sway should be virtually eliminated. 
  • Can increase the tow capacity of the trailer – without as much of a tongue load to account for, you may be able to get safely closer to the actual payload capacity of the trailer. Helping to haul heavier loads is definitely the hallmark of a weight distribution hitch.
  • Easier to maintain control – not having the nerve-rattling sway or up and down that can come with hauling a heavy cargo trailer means smoother sailing for long hauls. When you need to stop and turn, you’ll notice a far better degree of responsiveness than what you may have experienced with a fully loaded trailer that didn’t have a weight distribution hitch installed. 
  • Increased stability – sway can occur at the most terrible moments, like from a passing semi or a sudden gust of wind, the weight distribution hitch helps to absorb these external forces to give you better stability throughout the trip.
  • Decreased wear and tear – both your enclosed trailer and your tow vehicle will thank you a thousand times over for installing a weight distribution hitch. The uneven distribution can really do a number on a variety of components, so they’ll simply wear out faster. Decreased wear and tear means the investment in a weight distribution hitch really pays off over time. 

Whenever our customers ask us about options like a weight distribution hitch, we always focus on the value received for the investment made. With a weight distribution hitch, you’re getting a safer ride, a more efficient trailer operation, and less wear and tear. 

Two Different Types of Weight Distribution Hitches

In the wide world of weight distribution hitches, there are two distinct kinds of hitches, each with its own advantages. The main difference between the two types lies within the unique spring bar system that comprises each weight distribution hitch.

Trunnion Bars Weight Distribution Hitches

Trunnion bars help to provide a great leveling system for the overall towing operation you have running. Most trunnion bars handle capacities running from 5,000 to 15,000 lbs. The trunnion bar weight distribution hitch has a pre-torqued trailer ball, as well as sway control. Trunnion bars are best used when you have heavier cargo that needs to be transported.

Round Bar Weight Distribution Hitches

Round bars have spring bars that attach to the bottom portion of a ball mount. These systems are great for a nice, smooth and stable towing experience. Round bars have slightly less weight capacity with ranges hitting typically from 5,000 to 14,000 lbs, depending on the manufacturer. 

How Do You Know If You Need a Weight Distribution Hitch?

While it can sometimes just be a personal preference for a smoother ride and easier control, there are some telltale signs that you can be cognizant of that can mean it’s time to look at weight distribution hitches. If you experience things like a gross trailer weight rating that’s greater than 50 percent of the overall gross vehicle weight rating. 

The gross vehicle rating is the total combined weight of the fully-loaded trailer and tow vehicle and is something that’s specified by your vehicle’s manufacturer. As a good rule of trailer-hauling, you should always know exactly what your GVWR is and never push the limits of what your vehicle can safely handle. Additionally, feeling any kind of loss of control or swaying in the course of your normal activities hauling an enclosed trailer are pretty good indicators that a weight distribution system should be on your radar. 

Lastly, once you load up your trailer and have everything hooked up to your vehicle, take a step back and physically look at the setup. Do you notice your trailer dipping down at the tongue and the rear of the tow vehicle sagging or the front of your vehicle pointing up? If so, you most likely need a weight distribution system.  

Best Situations to Use a Weight Distribution Hitch

Weight distribution hitches to be used with enclosed trailers are usually employed when heavy cargo needs to go longer distances but they can be just as useful in everyday situations. 

A few of the situations where it can be especially beneficial to employ a weight distribution hitch can include:

Of course, anyone looking for a safer and easier ride may find it really beneficial to go ahead and install a weight distribution hitch. If you’ve ever seen or experienced trailer swaying, this alone can be enough to convince you how much it’s worth to have this system in place before your next towing adventure.

Weight Distribution Hitches and Towing Capacity

When you have a weight distribution hitch, you will in some cases increase the amount you can tow. That’s because the weight distribution hitch lets you tow to the actual capacity of the hitch. This isn’t so much increasing the overall towing capacity as simply letting you take advantage of the limits already there. 

Always, always check your vehicle’s hitch rating to know what the towing capacity is. Most will list two limits – one with a weight distribution system and one with a standard ball mount. Class III, IV, and V hitches are designed to work with weight distribution to create a safe tow operation. It’s important to know all of your vehicle’s ratings as no matter what, the lowest-rated component will be the safe limit.

Talk Weight Distribution Hitches With a Renown Trailer Guru

For hauling those heavy-duty loads, a weight distribution hitch can be a real lifesaver. Interested in learning more about how a weight distribution hitch system can make your life as a trailer owner easier? Call, click or come on in to our trailer dealership in beautiful Douglas, GA. Our seasoned trailer professionals can answer all of your questions and review your options for having this vital safety and performance system installed on your enclosed trailer.

Do Enclosed Trailers Hold Their Value

8.5 x 26 enclosed trailer

In an economy where construction is booming, people are moving all across the country, and events are finally coming back, the question is whether an enclosed trailer makes sense as an investment. Whether you are a construction business and want to get the best return on the investment in this asset or simply an individual who would like their trailer to hold up as long as possible, having a trailer that holds its value is critical for success. 

In today’s enclosed trailer deep dive, we’ll look at all the different factors that affect the value of your new enclosed trailer over time and just what to look for in a trailer to maximize the value you receive.

What is Value with Enclosed Trailers?

Value is the benefit you receive in exchange for giving something. In the case of an enclosed trailer, you are purchasing a brand new enclosed trailer from the dealership, using it for whatever length of time is desired, and possibly selling it when it is no longer needed. The value is all those trips hauling cargo and possibly what you are able to resell the trailer for.

At the end of your time utilizing this asset, you want to have a long list of cost-benefit trade offs i.e. a lot of time hauling with this trailer vs. say renting one, and you also generally want to be able to get something monetarily in return. Trailer resale rates are obviously going to fluctuate tremendously with the economy but right now is actually a very good time for trailer retained values. The resale value does also depend on how well the asset has been taken care of, how old it is, the brand of trailer, your location, and other factors. 

Next, we’ll look at the best trailers for holding their value and preventative maintenance strategies to maximize your trailer investment. 

Best Enclosed Trailers For Holding Value

When it comes to a trailer that’s going to hold its value, you want to go with ones that are well-known and from respected trailer manufacturers. At Renown, we only deal with trailer manufacturers who we know build quality products and treat people with integrity. Rock Solid Cargo and Spartan Cargo Trailers are some of the best you can get today which is why we’re proud to carry these two behemoths in the trailer business. Known for extremely well-made and durable products, trailer manufacturers like these can really play a big role in the overall value you receive when you purchase your new enclosed cargo trailer.

The enclosed trailers for sale on our site are some of the very best available. Not only are they constructed well, but they also come with warranties that actually mean something. If you get a warranty from a bargain trailer company, how easy do you think it will be to file a warranty claim and have it paid if you have an issue? We don’t believe in making our customers jump through hoops, so only work with warranty programs that are no-nonsense, straightforward, and provide a tangible benefit. All of our trailers come with a 5-year factory warranty. For added peace of mind, you can even purchase an extended warranty from Renown that’s guaranteed to be hoop-free, easy to use, and available when you need it. 

Options For Enclosed Trailers That Can Help Extend Their Lifespan

Additions you really want to see on a trailer that’s going to last include things like an undercoating. Undercoatings help to protect all of the trailer’s important components beneath the trailer body with state-of-the-art coatings. Salt, water, dirt, heat, dust—there are so many different variables that are bombarding your enclosed trailer from the second it rolls off the assembly line. Without adequate protection, you simply won’t get as long a life out of the individual components that make up an enclosed trailer system. 

A high quality aluminum skin is definitely something you want to see on your new enclosed trailer. Thicker gauges of metal, along with premium paints can really compound the level of protection that your trailer’s exterior can provide to your cargo. Not only that, but thicker skins eliminate the “waves” you see on other trailers for a sleek, polished look. 

Another really beneficial option is to upgrade to a 12 inch on center floor, roof, and wall studs. This tightens the distance between the supports in your trailer, which makes it far more durable and stable. Smart additions like this can pay huge dividends over time by helping to increase the amount of usable service your trailer provides, thus increasing its overall value to you from the asset.

Why Maintenance is So Important for Longevity in Enclosed Trailers

Just like anything in life, your new enclosed trailer is going to last longer when you put in the work to maintain it well. Preventative maintenance are those tasks that you perform at preset intervals, usually as specified by the trailer’s manufacturer. Just a few easy steps that you take throughout the year can dramatically improve the lifespan of your trailer’s important components.

A few actions that any trailer owner should be taking throughout the year to maintain their enclosed trailer include:

  • Proper Tire Inflation: Always make sure that the tires are properly inflated. Underinflated tires can take a toll on your gas mileage as well as causing premature wear and tear on the tires. Look at the manufacturer’s recommended level of inflation and make sure each side’s tires are at this level before every trip to maximize the life of these crucial trailer components. 
  • Lubricate As Required: Proper lubrication is critical for your trailer’s overall health. Your trailer has a lot of different moving parts which can produce friction as the grease in these metal fittings wears down. Your trailer wheels may have bearings that require greasing, as well as the trailer chassis, and the door hinges. A little bit of effort with lubricating these parts can save a lot of time, aggravation, and money down the road.
  • Keep Your Enclosed Trailer Tidy: It may seem like a no-brainer but trailer owners that want to maximize lifespan need to make sure that the interior and exterior are kept clean. Water especially on the inside of your trailer can cause issues. Say your zero-turn mower that just cut some wet grass is parked overnight, this can cause real issues on a wooden floor. Spills and liquids need to be cleaned as soon as possible to avoid damaging the floor. Aluminum or rubber diamond plate coatings on the floor are a good way to add more protection to your trailer’s floor system but also need to be kept as clean as possible. 

A solid preventative maintenance schedule for your new enclosed trailer is hands-down one of the best ways that you can maximize the investment you’ve made. These small steps wind up making big impacts in the overall functionality and durability over time.

Enclosed Trailers That Just Won’t Quit

You know you are getting a great value for the investment when you have an enclosed trailer that just won’t quit. We’ve all seen those 20, even 30-year old trailers that are still running great because they have been well maintained. The brand of trailer also plays well into longevity as different trailer companies simply make products differently. Premium products and expert craftsmanship should come together in one awe-inspiring package that is a brand new enclosed trailer. 

Something that can make a big difference with enclosed trailers is to get a V-nose trailer with ATP stone guard. These trailers have more stability and less drag from the V-nose design and also a wrap of metal sheathing that protects the trailer from rocks, debris, and the 1,001 other bumps and dings that can happen to your trailer. Like enclosed trailer armor, having ATP wraps on the front and sides of the exterior is a smart play that actually comes standard with many of the enclosed trailers we carry.

How Renown Enclosed Trailers Maximizes Value

At Renown, we only carry top-notch trailers which is why our customers usually remain with us for life. Getting the most out of your trailer takes having a relationship with your dealership that says if anything ever goes wrong, you have someone you can call and who will actually take an interest in helping you find a solution. 

“Coming in as strangers and leaving as friends” isn’t something we just say about our customer experience, it’s who we are and what we do. Most people would never leave a friend in need and we feel the same way about selling you a new enclosed trailer. This level of commitment is what has helped us put so many people into the perfect cargo trailer for lasting through years and years of whatever needs transporting. 

Come experience the Renown difference today at our enclosed trailer dealership in beautiful Douglas, GA or you can find the perfect trailer, check out, and even have the trailer delivered all online. 

Pet Grooming Trailer News: The First-Ever Enclosed Trailer Company Is Going to Be at BOLD!

For the first time in the history of the BOLD Atlanta Pet Fair & Conference, an enclosed trailer company featuring a modern dog grooming trailer will be represented as an exhibitor. Renown Trailers is proud to announce that we are, in fact, the trailer company that gets to show off our beautiful new 7×12 fully loaded pet grooming trailer to thousands of attendees at this premier event. 

So come by and see the latest tools and customized set-up in action inside our state-of-the-art mobile grooming trailer. 

We're exhibiting at Atlanta Pet Fair & Conference

About BOLD Atlanta Pet Fair & Conference

BOLD is one of the largest trade shows in all of the Southeast pertaining to dog grooming and pet care professionals. Held at the Georgia International Convention Center in College Park, GA, this event draws thousands of attendees each year. This year’s BOLD conference will run from June 24 through June 27. 

The event features a number of opportunities for groomers to learn and grow including:

  • Network: Networking opportunities with both on and off-site events throughout the conference. Getting the most out of BOLD takes connecting with other professionals and seeing where mutually beneficial value can be produced. 

Perhaps this is getting a great deal from a new supplier or partnering with a service company’s rep to jointly market your services. Pro tip – have an elevator speech ready about your business and be able to recite it in your sleep. This is a quick introduction to your business, generally provided in a minute or less. 

  • Learn: Continuing education classes, seminars, workshops, and training rotations are all available to help pet pros hone their skills. This is a fantastic opportunity to bolster your resume with a new technique or really develop your skills in a certain area. The more specialization you’re able to offer, the better. You’ll build a reputation around your expertise and can build your brand around this unique offering. 
  • Shop: Product shops offer a chance to test samples, try out different products, and purchase the latest in pet grooming products and technologies. A certain mobile pet grooming trailer will be on-site to walk through and start dreaming up ideas for your own trailer design. 
  • Watch: Grooming competitions stand as one of the most popular events of the whole Conference. With a total prize pool exceeding $20,000, this event showcases some of the best of the best in professional dog grooming talent today. Compete or just be entertained with the pageantry but make sure to take lots of pictures for adding to social media and capitalizing on the popularity of the event.

No matter what facet of pet grooming you’re attracted to, you’ll find something of interest and learn something new at the BOLD conference this year. 

Exhibit Preview: Inside Our 7×12 Dog Grooming Trailer

To give attendees a little preview before the big event, we’ll take a sneak peak inside the fully-loaded 7×12 pet grooming trailer we’ll be showcasing at BOLD this year. Make sure to come by our exhibit to take a walkthrough. 

Featuring Flying Pig Pet Grooming Tubs

For most of the professional pet groomers attending BOLD this year, the Flying Pig pet grooming tub is a name they’ll recognize. That’s because this brand produces some of the top dog bath tubs for groomers in the world. 

Flying Pig has an absolutely stellar reputation as a premier professional grooming supply manufacturer. They make tubs, tables, dryers, kennels, and grooming accessories that are built to last and made specifically for those wanting to get the very best. Smart features like ramps and lifts give mobile groomers the exact same level of performance as even the high-end brick and mortars. This edge means mobile pet groomers can provide the same results, with less stress on owners, and less overhead than fixed location groomers. 

Customization Options Just for Pet Pros

Seeing the incredible value in mobile pet grooming trailers, the team at Renown has been working tirelessly to produce a package that provides the best value and best utility rolled into one awesome mobile grooming trailer. 

Renown’s 7×12 pet grooming trailer provides plenty of room for the Flying Pig stainless tub of your choice in addition to plenty of storage and room to work. Grooming vans were once the only choice on the market for mobile grooming but these offer limited room with the driving area up front. An enclosed trailer can be customized with thousands of different considerations only someone doing this work everyday would think about. Things like additional head room, better lighting, storage cabinets, and even air conditioning and insulation can all be upgraded to provide both pooch and professional with a pleasant grooming experience.  

Aesthetics, Aesthetics, Aesthetics

Let’s face it, dog grooming is all about looks. We don’t like to focus on vanity, but when it comes to your grooming trailer, it really is an extension of your brand. Your customers don’t want to see an old beat up cargo van pulling up in their driveway for grooming. That’s where our dog grooming trailers really get your brand noticed on-site and everywhere in between. 

A clean, sleek enclosed pet grooming trailer with beautiful outside aesthetics is like a huge mobile billboard for your services. Clients see a clean operation, neighbors get curious, and your business grows. When it comes to events like BOLD, your pet grooming trailer parked outside is just one more way to dramatically increase exposure for your brand. 

Talk To Us at BOLD, Shop Online, Or Come See Us

We are so pumped to get to represent such an awesome new product for professional pet groomers at BOLD this year. The customization options we’ve loaded into this trailer are all designed for one thing—to make your life as a dog groomer easier and your business more profitable. Come by and talk to us at the event, shop pet grooming trailers on our site, or simply come see us at our dealership in beautiful Douglas, GA. We look forward to meeting you!

Top Things to Have in Your Race Trailer: The Ultimate Custom Race Trailer Buying Guide

race car pulling into race trailer

Whether you say racecar trailer or race car trailer, today’s enclosed race car trailers are made to get what gets you revved up to and from the track easier and safer than ever before. We asked our trailer pros what the top things they considered to be essential in a top-of-the-line race trailer were and compiled everything into this one-stop ultimate custom race trailer buying guide. 

Read on as we cover all the gear and customizations your racing trailer needs to make it the envy of every other racer out there.

#1 – Space

The first thing on the top of your list for a race car trailer you’ll be happy with for many years is to have enough space for your prized vehicle, yourself, and all the gear and accessories you need to take. This is actually a little more involved than you might imagine because there’s a lot of different considerations. 

Size of the Trailer

The size of your trailer i.e. length and width needs to be adequate to get your vehicle on and off with ease. You should also give yourself a little bit of wiggle room around the trailer to get in and out of the vehicle or to do maintenance, especially when the weather forces you to spend more time inside the trailer. Most racers want to have a nice tool storage area up front which can be accomplished with an array of cabinet options. We’ll cover storage a little later but you need to factor in this additional space to make sure you get a trailer that’s large enough for everything you need to bring with you to the track or car show. 

An 8.5 x 24 is a great all-around trailer for race trailers as it provides plenty of room for your vehicle, gear, storage, and other accessories. Think of it this way, the 2021 Ford Mustang is almost 16’ long, which gives you an extra 8’ for storage cabinets, tools, and general access around a 24’ trailer. 

Height of the Trailer

Another important consideration that can really make for a much nicer racing trailer experience is the height. The standard height of the interior of a trailer with a ramp opening of 69” is 6’ 3”. You can get an additional height of 7 ft. with a 81.5” ramp, 7.5 ft. with a 87.5” ramp, or an extra-tall 8 ft. interior with a ramp opening of 95.5”. If you’re working with a race vehicle with a modified rear spoiler kit, you’ll be thankful that you have the extra room to get your prized vehicle on and off. As above, more height simply means more comfort as you work on and around your trailer.

#2 – Protection

Next up, is the protection that your trailer provides for your race vehicle and your gear. We know that race cars and other racing vehicles are downright expensive, with many racing teams putting thousands of dollars into their one-of-a-kind vehicles. With that kind of investment, you want to make sure your race trailer is doing it’s part to provide added protection. 

All of Renown’s race trailers come with a Thermocool® roof liner which is a patented material that helps better regulate the internal temperature of the trailer. You can also upgrade the ceiling and wall insulation, add rubber ATP diamond plates on the floor, ramp, and flap, and other interior customizations to beef up the overall design. Increasing the plywood floors to double ¾” plywood gives you a full 1.5” of protection and stout design. A black and white floor tile screams race trailer like no other and also adds additional protection over the floor’s surface.

Most Renown trailers also include an RV style access door up front with a flush lock to help keep everything secure. You can also add additional bar locks to your ramp door to really beef up security. 

#3 – Gear Storage

Just having an awesome trailer for your race car isn’t enough if you don’t have enough room for all the tools, equipment, products, and parts you need to keep your vehicle running at its best. Adding storage is super easy with our customization options including base cabinets and overhead cabinets up front, additional storage compartments in the floor, and more. 

An E-track that’s welded right into the frame is going to be the safest and easiest way to secure your vehicle in transit. You can also add E-tracks into the wall and D-rings throughout the trailer to give yourself plenty of anchor points. 

#4 – Access

Doors, windows, and ramps are the unsung heroes of an awesome racecar trailer. That’s because these provide the easy access required to do everything you need to do when it comes to your vehicle. Race trailers need a ramp with a flap to make it easy to get your vehicle on and off but you may need to consider an extra heavy duty ramp, as well. Upgrading your trailer’s jacks and adding stabilizers will serve to make ingress and egress one of the easiest parts of your racing journey.

Additional doors and windows can make it easier to access cargo and simply to have more light in the trailer without using power. Further, a ladder rack can be an invaluable addition when additional gear needs to be stored on top of the trailer.

#5 – Lighting and Electrical

Power is kind of a given when it comes to the necessities of race car trailers today. You’ll have a lot of different equipment that needs to stay powered in order to make sure everything is ready with your vehicle. Renown’s standard race package includes 2 LED recessed interior lights, 2 exterior lights, 2 receptacles, a 60 AMP box with lifeline, and 1 switch in the race trailer. This is a great starting point for most race trailers, but, as with everything we do, customization options abound. You can add additional switches and receptacles, additional lighting inside and out, powered vents, and even heating and air conditioning units to truly make your trailer a comfortable garage on wheels. 

With lighting and electrical, additional lights is one of the best improvements you can do. Adding LED rear lights and exterior lights makes working around your trailer at night just as easy as the daytime. If you’ve ever been to the track or a car show after the sun goes down and you’re trying to load up, you know just how nice it is to have the area bathed in bright light. As well, this helps with brand activation to get your trailer noticed no matter what time of day it is.

#6 – Looks

It may seem like vanity, but your race trailer is an extension of your race vehicle and your team so you want to put your best foot forward at all times. We have many different options with premium paint colors that can be employed in different tones to match your unique style. You can also upgrade the thickness of the aluminum skin to .030”, .040”, or even .050” thick. Adding a semi screwless exterior is also an option.

Eliminating the screws and having a thicker gauge gives the trailer an extremely streamlined appearance. Not to be left out, upgrading the wheels can be the finishing touch on one sleek looking race trailer that turns heads every time you pull up.  

See Renown Race Trailers In Action

Building out custom race trailers for today’s top racing teams is something we’re incredibly proud to have done for many different customers. Get a better feel for our race trailers in action by checking out our customer success stories. You can see how real Renown customers had their race trailers come together to be the one-of-a-kind workhorses our clients needed to get their prized vehicles to and from competitions in undeniable style. 

From custom car show enthusiasts to NASCAR racers, our team has had the incredible pleasure of helping top racers find the very best trailer to meet their needs.

Starting Your Race Car Trailer Order

When you need a race trailer that’s built specifically for your style of racing, look no further than Renown. Our trailers come from today’s top manufacturers who we know build trailers to the level of quality we’re proud to represent. To start your order, you can browse our full line of enclosed trailers and see which options you like to add. To view a custom trailer package already put together, check out our race trailer package to get a great idea of what your new trailer can incorporate. 

When you find the perfect trailer, you can either order your trailer completely online and even have it delivered or you can come see us at our trailer dealership in Douglas, GA. Either way, we’re excited you’ve chosen Renown for your new race trailer and promise we’ll do everything we can to find the perfect trailer for your race day needs.

Mobile Dog Grooming Trailer Hacks: Everything You Need to Know About the Flying Pig Pet Grooming Tub

pet grooming trailer

Those in the mobile pet grooming business know that the Flying Pig pet grooming tub is the Cadillac of dog bath tubs. Renown Trailers puts this grooming bathtub for dogs in our mobile dog grooming trailer standard because of how impactful such a quality piece of equipment is for our customer’s operations. 

In today’s trailer spotlight, we’re zooming in on the ultimate grooming trailer hack with Flying Pig’s steel dog bath tub included among a host of other useful customizations in our mobile pet grooming trailer. 

What is a Flying Pig Grooming Tub?

Flying Pig has built an incredible reputation as a professional grooming supply manufacturer. Dog bath tubs are just one of the many stellar products they manufacture, with additional product lines including dryers, tables, kennels, and other grooming accessories. 

The Flying Pig stainless steel dog grooming tub is an absolute powerhouse in the business of pet grooming. By incorporating smart features like ramps and lifts, a mobile pet groomer can offer the exact same level of service as a brick and mortar location, with the convenience of on-location grooming services. 

The Flying Pig stainless steel dog grooming tub comes in several sizes and variations including:

  • 38” Stainless Steel Pet Dog Bathing Tub: the smallest tub in the stainless steel line, this grooming tub is great for smaller dogs and smaller pet grooming trailers. 16-gauge steel that’s rust-resistant will actually support all the way up to 180 pounds. This tub includes smart accessories like a sprayer, faucet, connections for cold and hot water, a tool rack, drain, and rubber mat.
  • 50” Professional Stainless Steel Dog Pet Grooming Bath Tub With Ramp: kicking things up a notch, the 50” stainless steel tub is going to accommodate larger animals. However, smart features like a removable floor grate that can be moved up and down mean this tub can accommodate both large and smaller dogs. A quick-access door with a steel ramp means it’s a cinch to get your animals in and out of the tub safely. This tub also includes an overhead arm with two loops which really helps keep animals safe and secure during grooming.
  • 50″ Professional Electric Lift Stainless Steel Dog Pet Grooming Bath Tub: taking the already stout 50” stainless steel pet tub and adding on a lift that can go from 32” high on up to 46” high gives groomers more control than ever for the perfect height to match up with the dog being groomed. With a removable side and backsplash, this tub offers a lot of versatility. Added bonus, the all-steel frame can handle pooches all the way up to 220 pounds. 
  • 62″ Professional Stainless Steel Dog Pet Grooming Bath Tub With Ramp: the largest stainless steel dog grooming tub available from Flying Pig is this 62” stainless steel beauty. This extra-sized tub is made for the largest dog breeds yet incorporates the same movable grates that can be adjusted to fit just about any breed imaginable. The ramp with textured steps helps dogs get in and out easily and the door with latch keeps water out when needed. An included drain and hair basket are smart additions that make clean up at the end of the day a lot easier. 
  • 61.5″ Walk In Stand Stainless Steel Dog Pet Grooming Bath Tub: only slightly smaller than the 62”, this tub has a wide-open front that’s just a few inches off the floor which makes getting dogs in and out super easy. The overhead arm keeps dogs in place and removable grates can be adjusted to meet the needs of the breed being groomed.

As a leader among dog grooming trailer manufacturers, we’re able to outfit the perfect trailer to meet the needs of our customers. With a variety of trailer sizes available, the custom mobile dog grooming trailers we carry are ready to roll with whatever set-up is perfect for your business. We’ll work with you to understand your current and future needs so that we can show you the best options available.

Working With a Dog Wash Trailer Manufacturer to Build Out Your Trailer

As you start to dream about the perfect pet grooming trailer, our trailer pros can help guide you with smart customizations that will really make your life easier. We always start by asking questions and listening intently in order to help our customers prioritize their custom set-ups within their budget. Figuring out how to incorporate a list of “must-haves” into your perfect custom dog grooming trailer is what we do best at Renown.

Questions to consider as you explore your options include the following:

What Kind of Dogs Will You Focus On?

While this may seem basic, with so many different breeds out there, it’s an important first step to consider how you’ll want to segment your service offering. Are you only interested in smaller dog breeds like Bichon Frises and Pomeranians? These breeds take up less of a footprint so you can get away with a smaller tub like the Flying Pig 38” Stainless Steel Pet Dog Bathing Tub. 

If you’re thinking that larger dog breeds like Mastiffs, Akitas, and Labs are more you’re thing, you’ll want to get a little larger tub like the Flying Pig 50” Professional Stainless Steel Dog Pet Grooming Bath Tub With Ramp. The good news is that the larger tubs in the Flying Pigs lineup are able to accommodate multiple sizes with thoughtful additions like interchangeable grates.

How Much Room Do You Need for Your Equipment?

Larger dog bath tubs are simply going to require more room inside your mobile dog grooming trailer so you’ll need a larger trailer to accommodate all your gear. Also, remember there’s more to grooming than just the tub, you may have dryers, tables, or storage cabinets to utilize. 

Consider all of your equipment holistically and then factor in room for moving around your pet grooming trailer comfortably. After all, you’ll be the one spending the most time in this trailer so it’s a good idea to give yourself a little extra room for ease of access. 

On that vein, we have many different trailer options including adding access doors which can really help with the organization of your new pet grooming trailer. 

Are Your Mobile Dog Grooming Trailer Aesthetics Really Important?

Your pet grooming trailer is essentially your business on wheels and aesthetics do count when it comes to presenting the best version possible. There are many different customization options that can really make your new trailer pop such as premium colors, thicker aluminum which prevents waves, and custom wheels that complete the desired look. Our trailer professionals can help produce the one-of-a-kind pet grooming trailer that looks as good as the styles you create for pet owners.

What Are Your Power and Lighting Needs?

Another important consideration when you’re thinking about your equipment and set-up is all the power and lighting needs you may have. We can increase the number of electrical outlets, upgrade the lighting, and more to help this pet grooming trailer be everything you want it to be to pull off your signature grooming styles. 

By taking the time to do an honest assessment of your current and future needs, you’ll be doing yourself a huge favor—especially as your new business grows. We’ll help you pinpoint those options which will provide the best utility for your new pet grooming trailer going forward.

Best Ways to Utilize a Mobile Pet Grooming Trailer

Now that you’ve got your new pet grooming trailer set up and complete with a top-of-the-line Flying Pig pet grooming tub, the next step is creating an action plan for successfully deploying in your area. Part of the Renown Advantage lies in our ability to utilize our deep knowledge and experience in trailers to be able to help our customers spot new opportunities they may have never considered. Your mobile pet grooming trailer is going to open up a lot of doors because you have the advantage of being able to provide services where and how you choose instead of being tied to a fixed location. 

Get creative with how you leverage this advantage. Consider putting on workshops on the best grooming techniques at local events, travel to dog shows to showcase new products and services—the skies the limit because you’re not tied to a single storefront. 

Starting a Mobile Dog Grooming Trailer Order     

At Renown, you may have noticed that we do trailer sales a little differently. We’re so much more interested in our customers absolutely loving their new trailer than simply supplying a generic trailer and being done. We want our customers to consider our team a partner in their success so work extremely hard to put together the best suite of options to meet the needs of our clients. You can browse a full line of grooming trailers, select which options work best, check out, and even have your trailer delivered all from our site. 

Customer Success Story: A Toy Hauler Enclosed Cargo Trailer for Hauling “Back to the Future” Deloreans

At Renown Cargo Trailers, our sole mission is to help our customers find the perfect trailer for hauling whatever cargo they need to, wherever it needs to go. From livestock and equipment, to custom cars and ATVs, our trailer pros take the time to get to know the unique requirements needed to have a great cargo hauling experience for many years to come. 

That’s why we were absolutely pumped to help Doc Brown’s Time Machine Rental create a one-of-a-kind trailer for one-of-a-kind pieces of film history – the iconic Deloreans from the hit movies in the “Back to the Future” series. We’ll deep dive into all the fun we had making this enclosed cargo trailer and explore the customization options that make it the perfect way to haul a prized vehicle around the country.

Getting an Enclosed Trailer Order from the Future

We have to admit, in all our many years as one of the top enclosed trailer dealerships in the Southeast, we’ve never quite had an order like this one. Doc Brown’s Time Machine Rental Company in San Luis Obisbo, CA knew they needed a special trailer for some really special cargo. You see, they needed to haul their custom Delorean time machines and other gear to and from events. 

Doc Brown’s has two exact Delorean replicas from the movie “Back to the Future” and another from “Ready Player One”. These cars are extremely popular at events and the company supplies props, costumes, and even actors to really make guests feel like they’re part of the action. In addition, the company also rents classic video game consoles from the 1980’s. All of this cargo is extremely hard to find, making the job of the enclosed trailer carrying them all the more important. 

We really set to work in putting together an enclosed trailer that would offer the best protection, ease in transport, and still look really slick when pulling up to an event. With some crucial additions and customizations, we were able to pull off a showstopper enclosed trailer, worthy of such cool cargo.

How to Make an Enclosed Trailer for Hauling Time Machines

Getting in the mindset of our customers, our trailer professionals can envision all the different ways that we can help make hauling precious cargo safer and more enjoyable. Small additions end up making huge differences with custom enclosed trailers, which is why our team always sweats the details. 

Starting with an 8.5 x 28 tandem axle enclosed cargo trailer, we started building out all the features that would make hauling prized show cars like Doc Brown’s Deloreans so much easier. Some of the many trailer customizations that helped shape the “Back to the Future trailer” into one bad mamma jamma include:

  • Custom paint job: we used a silver frost and indigo blue two tone paint job with a 6-inch anodized strip separating the two. This look came out incredible and really adds to the sleekness of the exterior.
  • Upgrading alloy wheels: wheels can sometimes be forgotten with everything else going into a custom enclosed trailer build but upgrading the wheels makes a huge difference with aesthetics on the finished trailer.
  • Upgrading aluminum skin: with a thicker skin and semi screwless exterior, the trailer provides better protection from the elements and looks better. Semi screwless exteriors help to eliminate the “wavy” appearance you see with a lot of trailers.
  • Upgrading the ramp door (ATP diamond plate plate ramp door with flap): adding ATP to the ramp door dramatically increases its strength and durability, making it ideal for driving vehicles on and off the trailer. This also has an extremely clean and professional look. 
  • Adding E-Track cargo control systems: a heavy duty E-track is actually welded directly to the frame of the trailer and then recessed. Two parallel E-tracks were installed in the floor with more running down each wall. E-tracks have small slots that provide excellent attachment points from which to secure cargo during transport. With cargo as precious as a Back to the Future Delorean, we knew we needed to be sure the cargo wasn’t going to budge an inch while getting to and from events.
  • Covering walls: we used a clean white metal to cover the walls of the trailer which adds additional protection while also pulling off a clean and fresh look for the interior. 
  • Adding recessed LED lights in ceiling: adding in additional lights makes it easier to see and doing a recessed LED keeps the fixture out of the way.
  • Upgrading the electrical package: this package includes two LED lights, a 60 AMP breaker box, two wall outlets, a wall switch, and a 25’ life line with covered floor access.
  • Upgrading the front RV style side door: we made the RV style side door into a fold-down four foot ramp door, covered it in ATP, and added a loading flap. This makes loading Doc Martin’s 1980’s arcade games way easier!
  • Adding overhead cabinets: in the front of the trailer we added in a row of overhead storage cabinets in indigo blue and trimmed them in chrome to match the color scheme of the rest of the trailer.
  • Adding a countertop for working with storage underneath: the addition of a countertop under the overhead cabinets makes a great work space. The added storage beneath helps keep tools and parts safely stowed and organized.
  • Adding two additional storage compartments: set right into the trailer floor, these storage compartments are out of the way and perfect for spare tires and parts.
  • Adding a 12” RTP kickplate: this makes sure the trailer walls are protected from any inadvertent dents and dings that can come from loading and unloading the vehicles. It also just looks really sleek.  
  • Adding additional height: adding in some extra headroom with a 7’ interior means it’s easier to get in and out of this trailer and almost everyone except for maybe Shaq can stand comfortably inside. If Shaq does want a trailer, we can increase the height all the way up to 9’. 

This long list of customization options represents many hours of careful consideration for all the ways that this enclosed trailer can be better utilized by Doc Brown’s rental crew. This also epitomizes exactly how we approach getting in our customer’s shoes when it comes to buying an enclosed cargo trailer. 

We absolutely understand this is an investment and that our customers expect to get a great value for what they put into a trailer. That’s why we take the time to get to know their situation and then can recommend options like the above that will make life all the easier for the long haul.

Additional Considerations for Any Custom Trailer Build

When we start with any customer, we always take the time to listen first. As you’re looking over your options for enclosed trailers, consider what exactly you plan on hauling and where. With Doc Brown, they have very iconic pieces of film history, classic arcade games, and all the other gear needed to pull off a great event. 

These pieces need to be loaded and offloaded with a good degree of frequency and hauled around from one event to the next. That meant looking at how we could make getting everything on, secured, and off-loaded as easy as possible. Beefing up the access doors and the height of the trailer is a great first place to start for anyone needing to load and unload big pieces of equipment. Especially with racing trailers, options like the E-track can be a lifesaver to prevent any shifting during transport. You also might not think it’s that important, but additional LED lights inside and out sure make life easier when you’re working in the dark. 

Lastly, our Doc Brown trailer had to look the part. Renown makes some pretty beefed up trailers for construction, lawn crews, and other tradesmen, but we’re also really good at making a trailer that looks clean and professional. For Doc Brown’s Time Machine rentals, we knew the trailer had to look just as good as it is for hauling cargo. With a few smart design considerations, we were able to pull off one incredibly sleek enclosed trailer, ready to rock any event it goes to.

What it Means to be Renown

The word ‘renown’ simply means to be known to many people. Our team couldn’t imagine a better word to describe how we sell enclosed trailers to our customers. We want to be known by every person that walks through our doors or even visits our site and completes an online order, that we are a company of integrity. We don’t push sales; rather we focus on helping our customers find the perfect trailer to meet their needs for hauling cargo. 
Come and see us at our trailer dealership in Douglas, GA or you can shop our inventory, find a trailer, and even get financing and delivery all online.