Everything You Need to Know about Enclosed Trailer Floors, Ceilings, & Walls

October 20, 2020

It might not seem like the most glamorous aspect of buying the brand new enclosed cargo trailer of your dreams; however, the choices made when it comes to the trailer’s floors, ceiling, and walls can make a huge difference in how well your trailer performs all that you ask of it. Today’s custom trailer feature …

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Spread Axle Vs. Tandem Axle Enclosed Cargo Trailers: The Great Debate

October 13, 2020

Everyone knows tandem axle trailers are great for hauling heavy loads over great distances. Most larger enclosed trailers like goosenecks and semi tractor trailers on the road utilize this familiar axle trailer configuration. However, if you’re brand new to hauling cargo, you may have never heard of a less common variant, the spread axle trailer.  …

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Renown Race Trailer Customer Success Story

September 9, 2020

Chase Hanish was looking for a one-of-a-kind race trailer to pull his one-of-a-kind race car to tracks around the country. You see, Chase Hanish is a professional Nascar driver, driving car number 34 in the B-Modified Race Division.  When Chase came to Renown, we were blown away with his incredible knowledge of cars and racing. …

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The Top 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Enclosed Trailer Axles

August 26, 2020

Single axle, tandem axle, torsion axles, oh my? Truth is, we receive a lot of questions from our customers concerning enclosed trailer axles. That’s because this component really defines how much of a load your new trailer can safely carry. So, in today’s spotlight series, we sat down with our trailer pros and decided to …

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Building Custom Race Trailers the Right Way

August 5, 2020

Whether you spell it racecar trailer or race car trailer, enclosed race car trailers are the de facto kings of safely transporting your prized race vehicle to and from the track and often around the country. With a combination of durability, functionality, and stability for long-hauls, race trailers make it easy to get your vehicle …

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How to Design a Custom Enclosed Trailer Guide

July 20, 2020

When shopping for enclosed cargo trailers, the possibilities almost seem endless for customization options. You can change the aesthetics, add a host of extra features, and even beef up the construction itself.  With so many options available, we decided to make a quick reference guide for helping customers narrow their focus for designing the best …

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Bumper Pull Trailers vs. Gooseneck Trailers: The Great Enclosed Trailer Showdown

June 30, 2020

As you browse Renown’s new trailer offerings and dream over the hundreds of different options available, it can be easy to gloss over a really key distinction in the trailer world – where the trailer connects to your vehicle. Whether a trailer connects to your vehicle’s bumper or within the bed of your truck, as …

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Rock Solid Cargo Trailer: An American Success Story

June 18, 2020

As seen on the front cover of a recent NATDA Magazine edition, Rock Solid Cargo deserves their place on the front of industry publications because they are indeed leaders in the enclosed cargo trailer manufacturing industry.  Today, we’ll take a closer look at how Rock Solid Cargo grew from humble beginnings in the middle of …

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May 15, 2020

Toy haulers are often put in a box as the enclosed trailer of choice for hauling a couple dirt bikes, ATVs, or whatever else gets your adrenaline pumping wherever your hobby takes you. In today’s series, we’ll help you see just how creative you can get with toy hauler trailers for rocking everything from campouts …

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Everything You Need to Know to Tow: Gooseneck Trailer Edition

April 23, 2020

Gooseneck trailers are undeniably the beasts of the enclosed trailer scene. These behemoths are for the biggest loads, whatever heavy cargo needs to get transported from A to B safely and securely. Our gooseneck trailers offer a lot of advantages for the heavy load haulers but there’s some important considerations to remember as you tackle …

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